How Maradona’s death affected Christian Martinoli

Martinoli is a die-hard fan of the Ten. (Photo: @martinolimx / Twitter)

Christian martinoli He is one of the favorite storytellers of the Mexican public. His style is already a total part of the traditions of thousands of fans. The chronicler has always been critical of footballers and not just those of Mexico. As told in Socketed Stories, to him it seems exaggerated that a soccer player enjoys so much idolatry.

However, there is one player that he cannot resist: Diego Armando Maradona, the world soccer star who passed away exactly one year ago. Martinoli was born in Argentina and has that nationality, so his predilection for the player who gave him a world Cup, the second, to the albiceleste.

This is how he told it in an interview for the commentator Roberto Gomez Junco, in your program Dialogues without the Ball, for YouTube. Martinoli recalled the football-related moments that marked his childhood. That’s when Diego came up. “I realized how fanatic I am of Maradona. I always saw it, in Imevisión every Sunday morning. All summaries. Suddenly, when he dies, he hits me. Truly as a Maradona fan, he hit me ”.

“I knew I was a fan of Maradona but not to what extent,” said Christian about his love for Diego Armando

christian martinoli
The narrator claims to be a collector of items related to Maradona. (Photo: Instagram / @ cmartinolimx)

Gómez Junco asked him if his fanaticism reached such a level as that of the members of The Maradoniana Church. Martinoli replied that not at that point, but that he was given to collecting items from the Fluff. “Not so much like that, but I can tell you that I have about 50 Maradona books, documentaries. I have a t-shirt that my wife got me at an auction in England, autographed by Maradona. Things like that ”.

“Let’s say that watching Maradona play gave me a very happy childhood. It gave me joy to see that guy play, ”Christian recalled about the years when he saw Maradona with the Napoli jersey.

The rapporteur also traveled to the past and told how he lived the historic goal that Maradona scored against England in 1986, on the pitch of the Aztec stadium. According to him, his emotion did not know limits at that time so appreciated by the Argentines. “I get electric. I start to get up and run out into the hall. I didn’t see the celebration, because I only saw when he put it in, because I ran out as if I were him. It was exciting. “

Luis Islas
Diego Armando Maradona directed Dorados for a year. (Photo: Henry Romero / Reuters)

Martinoli also had the opportunity to interview Diego Armando when he directed Sinaloa Dorados in 2018. Maradona’s passage in Mexico was brief. He only stayed for a year, but he was on the verge of promotion. He lost in the two finals to him Athletic San Luis. Maradona decided to return to his country and a few months later he was signed as coach of Gymnastics and Fencing of La Plata, a club he managed until the day of his death, on November 25, 2020.

Diego Armando Maradona’s bond with the Aztec country goes back, of course, to the 1986 World Cup, in which he commanded a historic Argentine generation. With Carlos Salvador Bilardo At the command of the orchestra, and fine accomplices, Maradona exhibited his best level on Mexican soil and led his companions to maximum glory.

In the final of the competition, against Germany, the Pampers won 3-2 with goals from Tata Brown, Jorge Valdano and Jorge Burruchaga. Maradona gave the final assistance to Burru to score the crowning goal in the Mexican capital.


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