How much are the diamonds Charlize Theron wore at the Oscars?

162 (Luna, Mauritius /)

Charlize Theron attended the ceremony as a guest, despite the fact that Mad Max: Fury Road had several nominations and won many awards. The South African actress and model, however, did not claim to be in any nominations. Aware that the flashes were going to stop at other actresses such as Olivia Wilde, Brie Larson or Rachel McAdams, the model, splendid in a low-cut red Dior dress, preferred to use her entire arsenal of class and presence to capture the attention . And he did it with what would be the most expensive look of the night but also the most elegant, classic and timeless.

Charlize Theron resorted to the maison of which she is the image and ambassador for the dress, Dior, a piece in an unforgettable red in tune with Hollywood glamor to rise to the occasion. However, the great detail that made the actress shine was not in her outfit: the almost 4 million dollars in diamonds that complemented it made the South African lead all kinds of eccentricity on the night of the Dolby Theater.

The jewels worn by the South African actress were signed by one of the red carpet’s favorite jewelers: Harry Winston. The Secret Cluster necklace was the most striking, with 48.8 carats of diamonds and that found its perfect location in the pronounced neckline of the actress. The earrings, the Winston Cluster, had 15.49 carats while the Cushion Cut ring had 8.78 carats. In his other hand the Micropave Diamond Band Ring 27 and the Queen Diamond Ring 7.44 carats. All this display of precious stones yielded a total of 107 carats distributed by Charlize’s anatomy valued at almost 4 million dollars.

Although these numbers are surprising, the truth is that Charlize has not broken the record for carats carried on a red carpet. In the last edition of the Golden Globes, Jennifer López -with the same jeweler as the actress- guarded no less than 240 carats of diamonds.