How much money has Wendy Guevara lost due to the disappearance of her Instagram account?

24 hours after Wendy Guevara’s official Instagram account was apparently knocked down, she did not finish recovering it, resulting in possible economic losses.

The winner of La Casa de los Famosos México, has not made any statements in this regard, leaving the question whether the disappearance of her profile with more than six million followers occurred due to some sanction by Instagram or is part of an advertising strategy by Wendy.

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For now, the native of Guanajuato has another Instagram account active under the user @wendyguevararespaldo in which it barely adds 260 thousand followers. Through it he remains in contact with his public.

The truth is that this could result in a drop in the income of Wendy and even legal problems by not being able to with commercial commitments with brands that have hired her to advertise through posts on her Instagram account.

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The phenomenon of influencer marketing and the large bank accounts that content creators can build was analyzed by Paola Rojas in a program of her new series: “Without Prejudice” by NMás.

As detailed in the research, influencers establish their rates for publications on social networks based on the number of followers and the engagement rate they manage; This is measured according to the number of likes, comments, times a post was saved or shared.

Wendy Guevara whose Instagram account amounted to more than six million followers and a high reach since his latest posts have more than 500,000 likes and thousands of comments, he could charge over 100,000 pesos for a publication.

That is to say, if Wendy Guevara had ad agreements on her social networks during this period in which her profile is disabled, she would be losing significant income taking into account that she is at her best media moment as she is the winner of The House of the Famous Mexico.

Although there is no exact information about Wendy’s commercial contracts, marketing experts assure that the calculation of loss for the disabling your Instagram It would be over a million pesos.