How rich was Griselda Blanco in real life and what happened to her fortune after her death?

Griselda Blanco entered the criminal world at a very young age and made a lot of money from cocaine trafficking.

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Netflix has achieved, with its successful bioseries Griseldaawaken interest in the drug trafficker Griselda Blanco, although this has also earned her criticism, how much was the Colombian’s fortune?

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Griselda Blanco’s life was dominated by violence from a very young age: at 12 years old, the Colombian committed her first murder, and since then He fell into a spiral of crimes that culminated in his murder in 2012.

By the 1980s, the “black widow” had already established a powerful empire in Miami thanks to cocaine traffickingan activity that, although illicit, allowed the founder of the Medellín Cartel to amass an incredible amount of money, How much was Griselda Blanco’s fortune and what happened to her?


In Griseldathe Netflix series, we are witnesses of the infinite power that Griselda Blanco managed to achieve in her peak periodaccumulating so much money that he spent it on the most extravagant whims ever seen.

To measure the enormous fortune that Griselda Blanco managed to amass throughout of their lifeit is important to remember that She was part of the list of the 10 richest drug traffickers in the worldaccording to what was reported by Business Insider in 2012.

Griselda Blanco managed to amass at that time, according to calculations that the DEA published in 2015, the impressive figure of 500 million dollars, a not insignificant amount; On the other hand, the Screen Rant site pointed out that the drug trafficker He earned about $80 million a month at his peak.


Given the impressive amount of money that Griselda Blanco managed, there have been many people who wonder what happened to her fortune, since there was no trace of all that money; in fact the only son of the drug trafficker, Michael Corleonehas his own business.

After the arrest of Griselda Blanco, all the money of the “cocaine queen” It was confiscated by the DEA and by Colombian authorities; However, many doubt that this really happened.