How technology helps SMEs sell up to 30% more on Black Friday

During Christmas and Black Friday, sales increase (Photo: Pixabay)

The Black Friday, also known as Black Friday and famous for being the weekend with the best discounts in much of the world, approaches and many begin to prepare for to buy various articles with their end-of-the-year bonuses.

Although this custom began in Florida, USA, during the 1950s, it eventually spread to Mexico, Colombia and other regions. In the last year, with the pandemic, many consumers adapted to buy from the internet.

According to a google study, 9 out of 10 consumers do research online before choosing one SME (small or medium-sized business) to visit or contact, which indicates that it is important that the stores have a site online. It is estimated that those with a presence on the Internet have up to 40% more sales.

Also, google statistics, indicate that with the implementation of Cloud technologies, the search for terms related to words increased by 22% in the last year Black friday and 35% of the sales registered in these discount days.

Cyber ​​Monday is focused on online discounts (Photo: REUTERS / Tim Wimborne)
Cyber ​​Monday is focused on online discounts (Photo: REUTERS / Tim Wimborne) (Tim Wimborne /)

Although Black Friday has its day, exclusive online sales did their thing by implementing the Ciber Monday or Cyberday. Therefore, in addition to the online store, experts advise companies to use service software to improve digital operation processes.

“With the implementation of solutions Big Data, Machine Learning or from CRM, companies have the possibility of understanding each of their clients and their presence in the markets through the analysis of information, thus providing personalized experiences to each of them; this in the end, translates into increased sales, improved customer experience and reduced costs “, said Alan Berrospi, Cloud Sales & Business Director of Xertica in Colombia.

Online shopping security

For both sellers and buyers it is important that there is security in the transactions to avoid fraud, for this, they must opt ​​for tools that provide encrypted default in rest and transit of the information, transparency and rotation of keys, so that the trust and accessibility of the users is guaranteed.

The season is used by people to buy various products (Photo: Pixabay)

Tips for SMEs to achieve greater profitability

By having an online store, companies can increase their sales possibilities, however, by following some tips they can further increase their sales in this area. Cyberday. According to Felipe Flery, specialist in e-commerce the following points should be taken into account:

Generate expectation and extend the campaignIn other words, SMEs must choose to start advertising their promotions weeks before in an in-store campaign and directing emails to their regular buyers.

Try with discount couponsos, limited units, cross promotions, special conditions and more, since they would all be adding up. All of them should be clear and concise.

-Implement eletronic bills.

Selling online generates returns of up to 40% (Photo: Piaxabay)
Selling online generates returns of up to 40% (Photo: Piaxabay)

-Use the client list and lean with email marketing; calculates that during Black Friday this strategy increases up to 300 percent.

-Implement an intelligent inventory system.

-Pay attention to after-sales; The specialist points out that Black Friday should not be thought of as a sales opportunity, since the online store must be managed, which means that the necessary conditions exist for the management of the services that follow after the sale.

It should be noted that Latin America is currently the fastest growing retail ecommerce market and that during Christmas and Black Friday sales increased by 30 percent in 2020.