How the love between Humberto Zurita and Stephanie Salas arose

Humberto Zurita and Stephanie Salas They are the couple of the moment and they no longer hide their love. In recent days, it was the actor himself who came out to silence the rumors and recognized that there is something more than a beautiful friendship between them, and he said he was very much in love with the actress and singer.

In a recent interview, when asked about a trip they took and if this had been an anticipated honeymoon, he replied: “There is no honeymoon. We are on a honeymoon.”

the protagonist of The gallant. TV changed, he didn’t, said that for many years Stephanie Salas was a friend of his family and his late wife Christian Bach. She recalled that there was a great friendship between the two, and they shared the birthday parties of their sons and daughters.

“I have known Stephanie for a long time,” he said in Ventaneando. However, she reported that it was recently, when they resumed living together and the relationship changed based on the memories they both have.

“I am happy, I believe that in love there are no ages, that time and life is like the water of a river, once it passes, it does not happen again, so you have to take it, because life is very short” He explained on the show.

He recalled that several years ago he shared with her projects such as The Protagonist, The Candidate, The Street of Brides.

How did the love between Humberto Zurita and Stephanie Salas arise?

Although he did not want to give details, he stated that he had many friends with whom he went out to lunch or dinner, in one of those moments he coincided with Stephanie Salas and that is where the love between the two would have arisen.

When asked about how it all started, he said that “these things just happen.” He also acknowledged that he already knows the two daughters of his girlfriend: Michelle and Camila. “You don’t know how it happens. I have friends, many friends with whom I went out for lunch or dinner, but what happened to me with her is that we began to talk, curiously, about that past life of ours, “ express.

In the interview, he stated that what caught her attention was Stephanie’s role as a mother. She stressed that the two daughters of her now partner are two beautiful girls, who speak languages, very well educated and “that is a reflection of her and that began to interest me a lot in her and the affection I have had for her for years”.

He also confirmed that both made a trip to Valle de Guadalupe, he accompanied by his sons and she with her daughters. This at the initiative of her eldest son, Sebastián, who organized everything for the families and their friends.

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