How the world media reflected the death of Benedict XVI

Pope emeritus Benedict XVI celebrates his last general audience in Saint Peter’s Square in the Vatican. February 27, 2013. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi/File (Alessandro Bianchi/)

Pope emeritus Benedict XVI died this Saturday at the age of 95. As was to be expected, the news made the front pages of the main international portalswhich mostly highlight his resignation from office in 2013 for health reasons.

The British Guardian title “Benedict XVI dies at the age of 95” and highlights that the “German predecessor of Pope Francis became the first pontiff to leave the head of the Catholic Church in 600 years.”

Cover diaries death Benedict

He is also British The Times He says “Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has died at the age of 95almost ten years after resigning the papacy due to deteriorating health.

Cover diaries death Benedict
The Times

For his part, the American The New York Times highlights that he was chosen in 2005 as a “doctrinal conservative” and that he was the first to resign “in centuries.”

Cover diaries death Benedict
The New York Times

The Washington Post affirms describes Benedict as a “intellectual giant and a rock of moral certainty who had spent his entire life defending the faith from outside forces”.

Cover diaries death Benedict
The Washington Post

In France, the world titled “Benedict XVI, the first ‘pope emeritus’, conservative theologian turned involuntary pontiff, has died”. He also highlights that he was “the first in modern history to voluntarily resign in 2013″.

Cover diaries death Benedict
the world

The country of Spain refers to the resignation of Benedict in 2013 and his death this Saturday to headline “Benedict XVI dies, the Pope who left twice”.

Logically, in Italy the news shocked more than in other countries since the Vatican City is inside Rome. The newspaper the republic gives an account of the death and informs on its cover that “It will be veiled from January 2 in San Pedro”. Likewise, he quotes the Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloniwho described Benedict as a “giant of faith and reason”.

Cover diaries death Benedict
the republic

The stamp he also dismisses Joseph Ratzinger and remarks that he himself called himself “the humble worker in the vineyard of the Lord”.

Cover diaries death Benedict
The stamp

While Corriere della Sera just title “Farewell to Benedict XVI, the first pope emeritus”.

Cover diaries death Benedict
Corriere della Sera

In Germany, the country of Benedict’s birth, the famous daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung writes “Pope emeritus Benedict XVI has died” and adds that he “resigned as head of the Roman Catholic Church in 2013.”

Cover diaries death Benedict
Sueddeutsche Zeitung

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