How to Activate Sound Alerts on iPhone or Apple Watch to Detect Home Appliances

Sound recognition in iOS 16 (Future)

The devices Manzana have integrated into their systems the function of recognition of sounds as of the release of iOS 14 in the year 2020, but it was not until the version of iOS 16 that an additional utility was incorporated, which is the ability to incorporate sounds that are typical of alarms of objects and home appliances.

This tool, although designed for users of iphone they have some kind of disability or hearing difficulty, it can be used by anyone as a remote alert for some household chores.

However, this would not be a alert audible but visual as a notification in the iphone; useful for those who are concentrating on other activities like listening to music or reading.

How to activate sound recognition in iOS 16 (Future)
How to activate sound recognition in iOS 16 (Applesfera)

How sound recognition is activated in iOS 16

To access this feature on devices iphone must be:

– Open the app Settings of the iPhone.

– Enter the option Accessibility.

– Press the option Recognition of sounds and activate it.

– Touch the section sounds that indicates which have been registered by the user in the device.

– In the menu of Sounds, you must select the type you want to recognize. It has options alarms, related to home, among others.

– When activating the recognition you must Record the audio repeatedly until the system agree with the samples.

However, this path is only intended for general activation of sound recognition and not specifically related to home appliances.

How to activate the sound recognition of household appliances in iOS 16 (Applesfera)
How to activate the sound recognition of household appliances in iOS 16 (Applesfera)

This section is found within the option sounds – “Home” and according to Manzanato be able to record the audio of some type of electrical appliance, you must go to the option of the same name (appliance) or custom ringtone.

– Then you must press the option to continue and give a name to the sound correspondent. It can be “washing machine” or “microwave”.

– To capture the sample of sound the user must click on the Start listening option.

– When the iphone detect the correct sound, it will be saved after you click Save Sound.

– According to the indications of the function, the process it will only be complete once 5 samples of Audio.

Once the registration of the Audiothe setup will be finished and users will receive notifications on both the iPhone and their apple watch if they have one or if it is linked to the device mobile.

For his part, according to Web page company officer technologythese sounds can be recorded at any time, but the users they cannot be trusted to be recognized “in circumstances where you could harm yourself or be injured, in high-risk situations or emergencyor to guide you.”

In the specific case of recording and detecting sounds related to home activities, this is an exclusive feature of the version of iOS 16so they can only use this function those devices iphone that have support for the most recent update of the operating system of Manzana.

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