How to alert an insecurity or emergency situation in Uber and Cabify

Taxi app. (photo: Prosegur)

How to return safe or secure and, above all, alive at home in a continent where femicides, the disappearances of women and gender violence do not stop? The unsafety that women face every day has become truly worrisome.

Given the number of dangerous situations that occur daily in some Latin American countries What Colombia, Mexico either Peruvarious groups, associations, institutions and above all transport applications They have shared information to ensure that users can find out how they can alert an act of insecurity while in a taxi or even on public transport.

Therefore, from now on, it is recommended to share this article to reduce so many cases of insecurity in the region.

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How to alert a situation of possible danger

transportation applications like didi, uber either cabify recommend at all costs to send the Location someone trustworthy. This action can be done through google maps, Waze, WhatsApp, Facebook and others Applications.

In the case of an application of taxi serviceUsing this feature allows landlords and users to easily share requested leases through the app. can set up to five trusted contacts with whom they can share their leases on a regular basis.

Additionally, “it can be configured within the app that all leases are always shared or, for example, only those at night,” he explains to Infobae. Manuela Bedoya, Uber Security communications manager for the Andean region, Central America and the Caribbean.

WhatsApp real time location.  (photo: iSenaCode)
WhatsApp real time location. (photo: iSenaCode)

And, on the other hand, if the trip is not being entirely comfortable, you can call 123 (in the case of Colombia) within the same application.

Pressing the button will cause the app to display current location and lease information for the user to quickly share with the local authority. For example, “Track those who use this feature and take preventative action when necessary,” affirmed Manuela Bedoya.

Likewise, cabify uses technology such as identity verification software and algorithms that help prevent different risky behaviors.

“The platform has a Customer Service Center that is based on Colombia and attends to queries and incidents from both passenger users and drivers and taxi drivers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” he said. Manuel Torres, Country Manager of Cabify Colombia at Infobae.

Finally, an ideal option to follow the path of family or friends is to use the option of Trusted contact. This functionality allows automatic sharing of all travel information with a favorite contact from the passenger user’s agenda. “It is not necessary for the trusted person to have the transport application installed or active, since text messages will be sent to their smartphone,” he concludes. towers.

Call 123 in case of emergencies in Colombia.  (photo: EPM)
Call 123 in case of emergencies in Colombia. (photo: EPM)

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What to do if you feel insecure traveling in a taxi or public transport

If at any time, the person reading this article is in a travel alone and you don’t feel safe because maybe the taxi is not following the route that appears to you in Waze, or you just don’t trust the driver, you can use some recordings (click on this link) of Twitter so they are played loud so the driver knows someone is waiting for you.

As well as these videos there are also several in the different social networks to fight gender violence. It should be noted that the publication is a thread, so if the first video is not to your liking, in the comments there are many more alternatives to use while in a taxi or even on public transport that may be desolate.

<a class=Twitter thread with recordings to play in a taxi in case you feel unsafe with the driver. (photo: Twitter)” height=”1256″ src=”” width=”1210″ />
Twitter thread with recordings to play in a taxi in case you feel unsafe with the driver. (photo: Twitter)

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