How to avoid as much as possible scams during Black Friday

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During times of discounts and large volumes of purchases, people take the opportunity to take an item they have been waiting for some time at a lower price, however, like us buyers, there are many groups or individuals who are awaiting the arrival of these dates to scam on the internet.

Although, anyone can fall into a scam through online purchases, because new manipulation techniques are constantly appearing, it is important to recognize some signs that will help reduce the risk to the maximum, that is why Infobae brings a series of recommendations to avoid fall into this type of deception:

For Linio, one of the largest marketplaces in Latin America, the first thing to consider is buy from sites you already know, even if it seems too easy, sometimes the rush to find something at a good price lowers your guard. These types of sites take advantage of situations to offer fast shipments, therefore, be wary of any unknown site that asks for your information or those of your credit card.

In addition to the above, there are other types of cybercriminals that go further, through links that appear on social networks or messaging applications, are in charge of directing people to a page very similar or identical to the most recognized shopping portals that end up being imitations. ANDIt is recommended that users look at the web address that appears in the browser and verify that they are on the official site.

For Google, it is crucial to take the time to check that the website address starts with “HTTPS”, which would indicate that this page has the necessary security protocols to encrypt browsing data, fortunately, many browsers already block this type of page; However, there are some official pages that have not yet adapted this technology and even if they are the true ones, the browser will alert that the website does not have sufficient security, so you should refrain from buying there.

The fact of being on an official page known as Amazon, MercadoLibre, Linio or Ebay does not mean that you have avoided any risk of scamIt must be remembered that within these pages almost any user can sell products because they only act as intermediaries, with this opportunity criminals manage to circumvent security measures and sell false or non-existent products.

Is always important be wary of “awesome deals” or ones that seem “too good to be true”You must have a notion of the price range of the product you are looking for and be certain that even if there are promotions, it is sometimes impossible to find a product with great features at a price ridiculously lower than the average.

Faced with the threat of the large number of products and sellers on these portals, one should take advantage of the functions that this type of pages offer, for this reason, it is essential before making a purchase to review the product description and the seller’s reputation very well. , the number of sales made by the seller and the comments and opinions of the users.

It is important to use reliable payment systems, therefore, the purchase policies of each page should be reviewed, a fact that cannot be ignored is that there are people who offer their products through the official pages but offer contact numbers or links to other pages to make “the purchase easier, cheaper and faster by other means” avoid falling into this type of deception.

Within the official pages, there may be advertisements in the form of purchase or download buttons, or images that announce incredible offers, it is necessary to avoid falling into this type of deception that seeks to divert the buyer from the official pages and direct them to other pages with ” better offers ”or even take them to a page similar to the one they were, remember the recommendations to verify the authenticity of the page.

One should be wary if within these portals the “seller” asks for information such as email, personal number, credit card details and others, because if the purchase is handled within the portal this person would not have to ask for this information.

Finally, it is necessary to be constantly informing about the most common scam methods and changes in the policies of these types of pages.

It will always be better to buy directly from the official pages of the brands, even if it is a little more expensive, as these guarantee originality and security against the product you are looking for, in addition, the brands will not hesitate to publish reasonable offers on these types of dates and expensive to the festivities.

  • Linio’s number one recommendation is “that they take advantage of electronic commerce to make purchases, avoid lines and crowds.
  • We also advise that you take advantage of the previous hours to review and plan the purchases you want to make, so you can get more out of your budgets.
  • Super important: take advantage of the first hours of the day to do your shopping, because, although we are prepared for the demand, it is possible that certain products will be sold out as the hours go by.
  • And, as always, it is worth recommending that they enter safe and well-known pages to avoid falling into a bad shopping experience ”.


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