How to avoid spending a lot of data and battery with so many applications on your cell phone

The consumption settings for each of the installed programs will allow a correct administration of the device’s resources

The Applications of the stores official for cell phones like the Google Play Store They are not all the same, not only in matters related to their size, functions or characteristics, but also the requirements of system that the devices need to meet are varied.

Even when it comes to devices Compatible with these demands, the applications consume different levels of battery and data that can be limited by users if they resort to certain functions that are enabled at any time. android cell phone.

Setting limits on the use of battery and of data It is configured by entering different routes in the settings application of the devices regardless of model cell phone and its manufacturer.

Adjust background battery usage

In the event that a application can run in the background, that is, without it being open on the main screenit can continue to consume the battery constantly, which can impair the autonomous operation time of the device.

Adjust an app's background battery usage.  (Capture)
Adjust an app’s background battery usage. (Capture)

This feature is not a function that is activated globally for all applications, but has to be configured independently for each application. application which is installed in the cell phoneeven those that are pre-installed on the device.

To execute this configuration, users must enter the application of settings of the device and look for the option of Applications. Once inside you will be able to see an extensive list of applications and programs that can be selected to enter the details of each one. In section Battery You can select the type of consumption that will be allowed to the application.

Adjust background data usage

Similarly, applications can consume Mobile data of the cell phones without the need for users to want it if the level of use of these has not been configured for each installed or pre-installed platform of the cell phone.

Like the settings determined for the battery consumption in applications, this feature has to be specified in each application individually so that their results are better and the functioning of the device or other platforms that are necessary or of recurring use.

Adjust an app's background data usage.  (Capture)
Adjust an app’s background data usage. (Capture)

The path for this feature is very similar to the one above with login to the app from settings of the device and then the option to Applications. Once inside you will have the same list of platforms and after selecting which one you want to configure, you can enter the section Mobile data.

In this section you must specify whether or not you want to allow the background data usage and even enabling this application for Energy Saving mode, which will allow any of its features to be activated while using this mode, the main reason of which is to prevent the load of the battery is consumed quickly.

With the configuration of both features from the menu of settings of the cell phone, users will not only be able to optimize their battery consumption in a more personalized way, but they will also be able to have a slightly higher amount of data to browse the internet and use applications, although this last feature will depend on the time of use and administration of this Connection in it device.

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