How to change the color of the flowers?

Making a flower look different tones than those provided by nature is possible with a little creativity

If you use fruits and vegetables you promote a natural transformation in the color of the flowers. With beets you get magenta, carrots dye orange, red you get from strawberries or cherries, green from spinach, and purple from blackberries.

  1. Boil
    Clean and bring the chosen fruit or vegetable to a pot. Boil for 15 minutes, so that the water begins to color with the natural components. It is advisable to remove the shells and chop into small pieces, so that cooking takes less time.
  2. Shake
    Depending on the selected fruit, remove the bone. Take the pulp to the blender and activate the process by adding the water you used to boil.
  3. Graduate
    Transfer the smoothie to a large container. If you consider that it needs a little more water, add it until you graduate to the tone you are looking for.
  4. Filter
    Put a strainer or sieve in the mouth of a glass vase or a glass to filter the smoothie so that there are no lumps. The next thing is to introduce the flowers in this container.
  5. Pigment
    The last phase of the project consists of waiting for the conductive vessels of the stem to absorb the fruit or vegetable solution by capillarity. Thus, they will gain another color. Once the transformation occurs, you can transfer the flowers to a jar of clean water and display the new shades.