How to clean the grease from the stove in a few minutes

Removing grease from the stove will always be a headache because it requires time and products that, in addition to acting as grease removers, facilitate the removal of the crust produced by the mixture of food and grease. These tricks will make you forget about the long hours of cleaning.

To make your own grease remover, in a bowl mix warm water, lemon juice, baking soda and a few drops of Axion liquid soap. The quantity of each product depends on the size of your kitchen or stove. With this method to remove grease, in just 5 minutes I made my kitchen look impeccable and without spending a lot of money!

Then, take a sponge and begin to apply a little force to the parts where there is a greater amount of fat. If the crust or grime is difficult to remove and you wonder how to remove the grease from the stove when it is too stuck, help yourself with a water sandpaper.

Finally, with a soft kitchen cloth, stir the mixture until you get rid of any residue of baking soda or Axion liquid soap. Clean the remains of grease remover with the slightly damp cloth.

Tip: If for some reason, your kitchen is left with water stains, take a little cotton, moisten it with alcohol and wipe it over the surface until you achieve the shine you want. You will see how removing grease from the stove is easier than you thought.