How to configure multiple monitors to work with Windows 11 from your desktop computer

Learn how you can sync multiple monitors with Windows 11. (Photo: The OutPut)

Windows 11 allows you to enhance the capabilities of your computer desktop or laptop with support to connect multiple monitors at the same time. In addition to choosing how to display the system interface, you can also customize many different settings to be more efficient.

So you can use multiple monitors in Windows 11

To get started, connect one or more additional displays to your computer using a compatible video cable. with VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort (DP) or USB-C port (that supports DisplayPort or Thunderbolt 3).

The number of monitors supported will depend on the type of graphics card you have.

Multiple Windows 11 monitors (photo:
Multiple Windows 11 monitors (photo:

Once everything is connected, the PC will automatically detect and display the desktop on each connected display. If so, you can access the following settings included in Windows 11:

1. You can organize the screens

By connecting multiple monitors to your computer, you can change their layout.

To do this, first go to the screen settings.

Later, select one and drag it to the desired position.

Do the same for anyone who wants to change.

When you are satisfied with the design, click Apply.

2. Change screen options

After connecting the external monitors, you can change their settings, such as resolution, number of colors, display style, refresh rate, and more.

To see the options available in Windows 11, go to: setting, then system and finally screen.

3. Modify the screen orientation

If you want the appearance of a certain monitor to be displayed horizontally or vertically, first go to setting, then system and finally click on screens.

Then go to section Scale and Design and choose your preferred viewing orientation.

4. Choose what you want to appear on the screen

To change what is displayed on the screen, press Windows keys + P.

You will access a panel that allows you to choose from the following:

– PC screen only (see everything on one screen).

– Duplicate (see what is the same on all monitors).

– Expand (view the desktop on multiple monitors).

– Only the second monitor (see all content only on the second monitor).

5. Identify a display

To see which number corresponds to each of your monitors, start and click on setting, then enter system, then to screen and finally click define.

When you access this section, a shape (1, 2, 3, etc.) is displayed on the screen to which it is assigned.

Multi-monitor setup with Windows 11. (Photo: Hardzone)
Multi-monitor setup with Windows 11. (Photo: Hardzone)

Windows 11: Mozilla Firefox is now available in the Microsoft Store

Mozilla Firefox came to the store Microsoft. Firefox is one of the first third-party alternatives available on the Microsoft Store, and it uses its own Gecko browser engine instead of Chrome alternatives like Opera or the many others that take advantage of Microsoft’s Edge web view.

Microsoft’s new Open Store guidelines have finally allowed third-party browsers like Firefox to appear in Microsoft Store. Although we haven’t seen Chrome yet, Opera quickly made sure its own browser shows up in the store as well.

FireFox is now available in the Windows 11 store. (Photo:
FireFox is now available in the Windows 11 store. (Photo:

Firefox launched on the Microsoft Store just a few months after Mozilla defeated Microsoft’s standard browser protection on Windows. Mozilla made it easy to switch to Firefox on Windows, with a one-click process that is not officially available to anyone but Microsoft.

Mozilla appears to have reverse engineered Microsoft’s ability to make Edge the default in Windows with just one click of the app, rather than the multi-request process that exists in Windows 10 and Windows 11 today. Enter this link to learn more about Firefox.


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