How to create GIF from WhatsApp with your own videos

The app has its own tool for users to create their own custom GIFs.

WhatsApp It has a number of interaction options such as stickers, emojis, and GIFs, which mostly come from third parties, although users can easily create their own content.

For the case of gifs no additional application is needed, and people can use their own resources to create these formats, such as the videos they take with their cell phones.

The process can be done both in the application for mobile devices and in the web version, since it is a native function of the platform. Goalwhich was added a while ago.

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The app has its own tool for users to create their own custom GIFs.
The app has its own tool for users to create their own custom GIFs.

This is how to create a GIF in WhatsApp

The first thing that the user must take into account is the clear idea of ​​the content they want to create, that is, having already recorded the video or downloaded it from another source. The duration of that file must be between 5 to 6 secondsalthough if it lasts longer, the same application lets you cut the fragment you want to use.

It is important to remember that a GIF is a succession of images that do not have audio and that are repeated in a loop. That is why it is key to have a clear idea before starting the creation to take advantage of the tool.

With that ready, all that remains is to follow these steps:

1. Open WhatsApp.

2. Go to the chat where you want to send the content.

3. In the text box, press the camera button, from where audiovisual content is sent.

4. Choose the video that is going to be transformed into a GIF.

5. Trim the video to a maximum of 6 seconds in case it lasts longer.

5. Two icons will appear at the top: a camera and a GIF icon. Click on the second.

6. Click the submit button.

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The app has its own tool for users to create their own custom GIFs.
The app has its own tool for users to create their own custom GIFs.

In this way the video will no longer be sent as a file of this type, but will be transformed to GIF. The next step will be to save it on the phone in easy access for the user.

By submitting the content, WhatsApp generates a copy, but it is not on hand. In the case of Android, go to Files> Internal Storage> Android> Media> Com.WhatsApp> WhatsApp> Media> WhatsApp Animated Gifts> Sent.

In that last folder will be all the GIFs that have been sent, including the recently created one, which will have to be moved to a folder where it is more direct to find it in case you want to use it regularly in the chat.

In the case of iphone The process is easier, because once the GIF is created and sent in the conversation, the system allows you to copy it and save it to the clipboard to take it to another place or send it in a different chat.

It is important to remember that to send GIFs created by other users, they can be found by clicking on the emoji icon in the text box, then going to the ‘GIF’ button at the bottom and there choosing one of the options or using the search engine to find a more appropriate one according to a keyword.

The devices iOS have an advantage over Android and it is that in that same section they can see the GIFs that they recently sent or add some favorites, which saves time when wanting to react in the chat because the content does not have to be searched from scratch.

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