How to earn up to $ 35,000 for uploading Reels on Instagram

To receive bonuses from Reels it is necessary to comply with certain measures (Photo: EFE / Facebook) (Courtesy /)

To compete against TikTok, Goal long ago launched the option of Reels or Reels on Instagram, and in order to encourage content creators to participate, he implemented the bonus program in which it is possible to win up to 35 thousand dollars.

The attraction of earning thousands of dollars in exchange for uploading a one-minute video is extremely attractive, especially for those who have a considerable number of followers on their profile.

To be a candidate and be able to receive the payment of the bonus program Instagram Reels Summer you need to comply with some rules and requirements. These are:

-When the bonus is available Reels summer, there will be 30 days to choose Start.

-Once you start, there are 30 days to get the bonus.

IG Reels seek to be TikTok's competition (Photo: Instagram)
IG Reels seek to be TikTok‘s competition (Photo: Instagram) (META /)

-During this period, you can choose all the reels that you want to count to obtain the income from bonuses.

-Money will be obtained according to the performance of the reel. Note: If a reel is permanently removed, credit may not be earned for replays that reel received.

It’s important pointing that to activate reel bonuses, it is necessary to have a profile for professionals, which is selected in the Instagram settings.

To register for the bonus program in the professional panel, the following steps must be followed:

-Open the Instagram app.

-Review and accept the conditions.

Instagram offers different bonuses to content creators (Photo: REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration / File Photo)
Instagram offers different bonuses to content creators (Photo: REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration / File Photo) (Dado Ruvic /)

-Select a country and type of company (Individual or Business Owner). Note: If you are a business owner, you must confirm that you are the legal owner.

-Add a payment method.

-Check the description of the bonus or bonuses available. Note: As more bonuses become available, you can return to the professional dashboard and select Bonuses to register.

-To select Start.

Once the profile has been accepted to receive bonuses and they have been activated, it is important that before sharing the reel is selected Reels Summer Bonus of the page Bonuses. If you forget to do so, there is a 24-hour period to come back and make your selection.

Voiceover Reels on Instagram
You can edit the audio several times before publishing the Reel (Photo: Instagram)

Although this program has resulted in several receiving financial incentives, it is not yet known with certainty the parameters used by the platform to account for the profits it delivers to content creators.

The place TechCrunch revealed one of those cases where monetary accounting is not clear. He said that the influencer Maddy corbin, with more than 50 thousand followers, she offered Instagram up to a thousand dollars a month for her reels, however, she herself realized that other content creators were offered other amounts.

“I saw some people who had more followers than me and could only make $ 600,” Corbin told the site. “I wish I knew more about how this works. All I can think of is that maybe it is based on the performance of the above reels”, He concluded.

Other influencer With about 24,000 followers (less than half of Corbin), he said he was offered $ 800 if he got 1.7 million views on all of his reels during October. At the end of the month, he had 1.49 million visits and was paid $ 689.

Secondly, Miguel Lozada, a streamer Twitch with just 800 followers on Instagram, received the offer of $ 8,000 if he posted reels. It is presumed that the Meta platform continues to test payments as the influencers they join the initial stage of the program.


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