How to know what passwords I have saved on the iPhone or Android cell phone

Switch to Android, the new Google app. (photo: Androidphoria)

Have a password Secure is one of the priorities of people in the digital world. Sometimes you try to have different passwords for each application or web page and in the end it becomes crazy to discover which one you had set.

Luckily there is the cloud to access these passwords and sometimes they even write themselves thanks to Face ID or Touch ID, depending on whether it is a iPhone either Android.

There are several password managers on app store either Google Play Storebut the one that comes configured in any smartphone it currently works very well and in most cases is more than enough.

How to view saved passwords on an iPhone

The iPhone Y iPad have integrated with iOS the keychain iCloud which saves all passwords securely and also automatically fills in these passwords when you want to access an application or website.

As previously mentioned, it is always done securely using Face ID, Touch ID or the device code. So, you might want to access iCloud Keychain to see each and every password you have stored on your iCloud Keychain. device. Therefore, you have to follow the steps shown below:

1. Open the app Settings on the device.

2. Scroll through the menu until you find the option passwords and click on it.

3. The device will ask for Face ID, Touch ID or the password to access this menu.

4. Once unlocked, you can see it in the following menu all usernames and passwords saved.

5. Scroll through the menu or click on the search section to find the password what you want to see

6. Make click where you want to see. Within this menu you will have the option to change or remove it.

Enter iCloud Password Keychain.  (photo: Composition/iPhone 13 Pro/Jose Arana)
Enter iCloud Password Keychain. (photo: Composition/iPhone 13 Pro/Jose Arana)

This site is also very useful for making all kinds of password changes. You can remove or add a username or password from iCloud Keychain.

If you want to add, click on the ‘+’ that is above everything. If, on the other hand, you want to delete any, you have to click on ‘Edit’mark the ones you want to delete and click on ‘Remove’ up to the left.

Thanks to iCloud Keychain, you don’t have to have passwords in compromised places like a notebook or post-it that everyone can see. It is a safe way to have all your passwords well protected.

Enter iCloud Password Keychain.  (photo: Composition/iPhone 13 Pro/Jose Arana)
Enter iCloud Password Keychain. (photo: Composition/iPhone 13 Pro/Jose Arana)

How to view saved passwords on an Android

In the case of Google devices, we have SmartLock, which is not an exclusive service pcinstead, it syncs with Android devices signed in with that account.

In a nutshell, if a password is stored in Google Chrome on the PC, that password will be synced with the cell phone so that it can be used in apps and websites. This means that all credentials can be accessed and managed directly from the cell phone.

In this section is everything related to Android Autoconnected apps, Google Pay, Google Assistant and, of course, the passwords. The path is as follows:

1. Open ‘Settings’.

2. Download and search ‘Google’.

3. Tap on Autocomplete.

4. Tap on Autocomplete with Google.

5. Tap on Passwords.

Passwords on Android.  (photo: tusexpertosapps)
Passwords on Android. (photo: tusexpertosapps)

Specifically, this link leads to the password vault which was discussed earlier. In it you can see each and every one of the websites whose credentials have been saved.

Click on the one you want to manage. Surely you will have to log in to the Google account again, so it only remains to enter the password when requested.


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