How to know when it’s time to change your smartphone

Security updates, battery problems or serious damage to the device are some of the factors to consider when deciding to buy a new phone. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly (ANDREW KELLY/)

The phones that have the operating system Androiddeveloped by Googlethey are constantly updated and the manufacturing companies present new versions of each device on an annual basis and this not only includes the smartphones high-end, but also those of medium and low range.

The renewal of products may itself represent a reason why users want to change their device even when this does not present badly functioning neither has deteriorated at a level that noticeably impairs its performance. Therefore, these devices actually have a longer lifespan.

However, over the years any smartphone, regardless of which range it belongs to, it will begin to present difficulties in its use and the user will have to decide if they want to continue keeping it or not. These are some signs that indicate that it is time to change device.

The main reason should be the safety of the user

One of the aspects that should be given priority over any other characteristic is the security of the data contained in the device and this is reinforced when the smartphone make updates to your operating system.

So you can keep your smartphone safe.  (photo: Business Destination)
Users need to keep their smartphone safe by downloading Android security patches. (photo: Business Destination)

Each of these downloads data not only contain improvements in the installed applications or in the appearance of the operating systembut also include security patches that “fix” or block certain bugs or vulnerabilities that could lead to data leaks or cyber attacks by malicious actors.

Once he device stop receiving updates due to incompatibility, you may continue to receive security patches for a while but they will stop at some point anyway. It is preferable that smartphones be replaced by other devices once these situations begin to occur. It is necessary to avoid vulnerable periods.

Battery autonomy

Another of the common situations that a person may encounter during the useful life of a smartphone is the decline of drums over the months and years. Unlike other scenarios, this is unavoidable and happens to all phones.

Save battery on a smartphone.  (photo: SPORT)
The battery of a smartphone deteriorates over time. (photo: SPORT)

Among all the factors that generate the degradation of the drums, loading it repetitively is the most common of all. Over time the capacity of this component is reduced and the period of autonomous operation of the device is drastically reduced. Although initially the battery charged to the 100% may last for 20 hoursThis can only last a couple of hours.

In these cases some people usually replace the drums for a new one, but this period will continue to be reduced and the user will stop using his device with comfort. In this situation it is better to purchase a new device with similar or better features than the one you had in the first place.

Serious device damage

Even when some devices have proven characteristics of being able to resist damages such as falls (up to a certain height) or hits direct, this does not make them invulnerable and it will not take long for cracks and scratches to appear on the screen of the smartphone.

Smartphones perform drop tests to find out how each device reacts to this type of incident from certain heights.  (Oppo)
Smartphones perform drop tests to find out how each device reacts to this type of incident from certain heights. (Oppo) (OPPO/)

Sometimes these damages do not prevent the smartphone stop working properly. However, there are also times when it can affect the user experience.

Some manufacturers allow people to repair their devices and it is a valid possibility, but everything will depend on the type of damage that the smartphone has experienced. Eventually the time will come when the user will have to define whether he prefers to buy a new phone with which he does not have such problems.

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