How to lighten elbows

To lighten your elbows and achieve a more even tone, it is best to use some very effective home remedies.

The lemon is one of the natural lighteners by excellence, being used in areas such as hair or facial hair. It is also a very simple solution to apply, you just have to rub a lemon directly on your elbows, wipe off the excess juice with a cotton ball and leave to act in the area for 15 minutes. Then remove with warm water and dry well.

This home remedy can be applied daily until you get whiten elbows, however, you should do it at night because do not forget that the sun can make the lemon stain the skin. If you are afraid that lemon will irritate your skin, then you can apply another natural remedy to whiten elbows that is much gentler but just as effective. It involves rubbing the area with a couple of slices of cucumber and letting its juice act for 1 hour, then rinse with cold water.

This solution shows results a little slower than lemon, but its effectiveness is guaranteed, especially for people with sensitive skin. You can repeat this procedure daily until you get the results you want.

If you don’t have enough time to let a product work on your elbows, then an excellent solution to rinse them and remove dead cells effectively is to use a pumice stone. Moisturize the elbows with a little olive oil or rub a moisturizing soap on the area and then massage gently with the help of a pumice stone. Do it with circular movements and without applying too much pressure so as not to cause damage to your skin.