How to protect your hair from the rain: tips so that it does not ruin it

The worst thing that can happen to a woman, if we talk about hair, is that it becomes completely fluffy because of the rain.

It has happened to all of us at some point in our lives. So that this does not happen again, I leave you a series of tips to protect your hair from the rain. Take note!

Tips to protect your hair from the rain

#1 Moisturizer is the key

Helps keep hair hydrated, as well as sealing the cuticle and retaining moisture. Remember that if your hair is dehydrated, it will absorb water to “balance” itself and that’s where the frizz happens.

#2 For nothing in the world touch your hair

Body fat makes hair dirty and causes frizz.

#3 Completely dry your hair

Before leaving home, make sure your hair is completely dry. In this way the hair takes its natural shape. It is best to collect your hair so that it stays in place.

#4 Take care of your hair from the change in temperature

Going from cold to hot weather can make your hair frizzy. It is best to protect it with a hat or hood before going out, to avoid these changes. The advice should apply to shower time.

Try to wash your hair with warm water instead of using hot water.

#5 Brush Type

Natural bristle brushes are recommended to avoid electricity in the hair. It is best to brush your hair when it is dry.

#6 Green foods

Experts point out green foods so that the hair has the necessary vitamins. In addition, these foods stimulate capillary microcirculation that favors the oxygenation of the hair fiber.

Now that you know how to protect your hair from the rain, share these tips with those who need them.