How to reduce electricity consumption with decoration?

The cost of electricity for a home is an issue that is increasingly worrying more families. This is why we want to share with you some tricks that will allow us to save on the energy bill.

The idea of ​​lowering energy expenditure is associated not only with economics, but also with care for the environment and our responsibility in conserving the planet.
That’s why we present you some ways to achieve this.

  1. Light bulbs. The classic ones represent a higher consumption compared to those that have been developed in recent times. In this sense, the LED lamps are the ones that represent the least energy consumption.
  2. Windows. It is important to choose a good profile, that is, that the frame is made of aluminium, wood or PVC. Opting for double glazing translates into direct energy savings.
  3. false ceilings. In the case of homes that have ceilings that are too high, ceilings can be placed to lower their height and better conserve heat or cold. Plaster, wood or PVC, the options are varied and so are the styles.
  4. Walls
    The color of the walls is essential when it comes to saving electricity. White and cream tones are the best allies for effective natural lighting.
    Yellows and light greens are also added to the proposal.