How to turn Spotify into karaoke

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It is a feature desired and requested by the Spotify user community: the ability to read song lyrics. This option is already available with the “Lyrics” function that will allow you to see them on the screen, synchronized in real time to the musical piece.

The feature is now available globally for free and paid (premium) users. It works for iOS, Android, desktop versions, game consoles and televisions.

This novelty has been possible thanks to the association of the Swedish company with Musixmatch (which is already doing the work of doing the searches on Spotify, based on results according to what we type in the search engine). Said company allows to provide the technology so that the letters of more than 8 million titles appear. And in addition to using the lyrics to make karaoke, it can also be shared on social networks.

To access this new function, within the app on a cell phone, when a song is playing, you must go to “Playback view”. Then you must slide your finger up from the bottom of the screen. By doing so, you can scroll to the lyrics of the song in real time.

In the desktop version, from the “Now playing” (or “now playing”) bar, you must click on the microphone icon while the song is playing. And ready. For televisions, you must open the “playback view” of a song, and navigate to the right corner until you reach the “Lyrics” button.

Last year, Spotify introduced real-time lyrics that sync to users’ music in 26 global markets, after initially testing the feature in 2019. That deal was later expanded to 28 markets. Spotify users in Japan have also had access to the lyrics through a separate agreement with SyncPower.

But users in other markets have only had access to “Behind the Lyrics” (another feature) that offered lyrics interspersed with trivia about the song, its meaning, the artist and other comments.

Meanwhile, through the Spotify community comment forum, thousands of users over the years have expressed to the company that they preferred a feature that provides lyrics in real time.

The company says the function It will be available on the big screen through its application for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung, Roku, LG, Sky and Comcast.

The story behind

Realtime lyrics in music apps have had a complicated history. When music publishers didn’t provide lyrics, companies turn to a third-party provider. But those providers don’t always play fair. Google, for example, was accused by Genius in 2019 of plagiarizing its collection of lyrics (Genius tracked down by embedding secret codes in its lyrics). Those letters later appeared in search results. But Google said it was the fault of its partner, LyricFind.

This Spotify feature that arrives is not new for the app internally, because they have been looking to have it for many years. He had previously worked with Musixmatch to activate lyrics during plays, but they parted ways in 2016.

In these years, the app was offering the function “Behind the lyrics” (through a partnership with the Genius company). But it is not karaoke. It consists of a function with basic information about the songs (without showing the lyrics, except in Japan, where it did).

With this novelty, as has emerged through TechCrunch, the application is discontinuing its “Behind the Lyrics” function.


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