How to use Hive, another application similar to Twitter and Instagram

The app has seen tremendous user growth since Twitter was bought by <a class=Elon Musk.” height=”573″ src=”” width=”1350″ />
The app has seen tremendous user growth since Twitter was bought by Elon Musk.

In recent weeks several applications have gained users in the midst of changes and controversies around Twitterdue to the arrival of Elon Musk. hive It is one of those social networks that went from being anonymous to having a significant number of users.

Just as it happened with Mastodonthis new alternative is close to reaching a million accounts and is currently in the top 20 in the virtual Apple store in USA.

Within its functions there are several differences with Twitter, such as that it does not depend on a timeline and that its focus is on generation Z, which gives an idea of ​​what type of content is handled there.

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That’s Hive

It was founded in 2019 by Kassandra Pop, who was 22 years old at the time, so it’s not a totally new app.

In an article published last year by teen vogue described this platform as a combination of concepts of instagram, Twitter Y MySpacewith the latter because users can add music to their profiles.

The app has seen tremendous user growth since Twitter was bought by Elon Musk.

As we mentioned, the base of the social network is not in a single timeline, but rather people arrange their main feed according to their interests among thematic communities such as science, technology, cars, music, fashion, pets, crafts, books, travel , games, art, food and many others.

Users have functions similar to other platforms such as liking, commenting, and posting content. However, it has a focus on a young audience because its creator considers that having a mix of classic apps is an opportunity for creators to reach a specific audience thanks to the communities.

“We didn’t want to take the responsibility of saying, ‘Hey, we think you’ll like this post, so we’ll show it to you.’ You know who you are following and those are the posts you want to see. You want to see your friends and family, so we kept it simple and people seem to really like the chronological broadcast,” he said. Kassandra Pop a teen vogue.

The feed of hive It is divided into a main timeline and an undiscovered timeline, though without custom algorithms to display content in chronological order and does not monetize through ads.

To earn money, the app offers users the ability to pay to unlock additional slots where they can post their favorite music on their profile. These cost between $0.99 dollars and to have a second space up to $1.99.

A point of similarity with other networks is that a friendship is not necessary to see content from other accounts, but it will be enough to follow the user and the link is already generated there.

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The app has seen tremendous user growth since Twitter was bought by Elon Musk.
The app has seen tremendous user growth since Twitter was bought by Elon Musk.

The growth of Hive

The platform has been growing since the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk. According to data from Sensor Tower in the last 30 days it went from having 240 thousand users to 733 thousand, concentrating its community on USA, where it has 86% of the accounts.

The last weekend, between November 18 and 20, 2022, was an important moment in its increase in profiles because it had 144,000 new installations, rising from position 338 in app storethe iPhone store, at box 17 in USA, something similar to what happened in United Kingdom rising to 17th and 24th place in Canada.

Recently, the Twitter account of hive reported that they already have a community of 900,000 users and are in contact with TechCrunch, its creator stated that there were already over 998 thousand accounts, so the million is very close.

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