How to vote in The House of Famous Mexico

We tell you how to vote to save your favorite from The House of Famous Mexico

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this wednesday is nomination night at The House of the Famous Mexicothe reality show that everyone is talking about 24/7 thanks to the power of social networks, where the public has had the opportunity to react to the situations carried out by the inhabitants.

This is the sixth week of the competition and there are still nine of the 14 celebrities who entered the most famous and controversial house of the moment on June 4, but if you want vote to save your favoriteWe tell you how you can do it.

You must enter the official page of the reality show scan the QR code that will appear on television during the galas, or in the transmission of ViXaccording to the case.

You can only vote oncebut if you have a subscription to the streaming content platform, you have the right to vote up to 10 times, which is a great plus for all viewers, since there is an opportunity to express their support for their favorite inhabitant.

The House of Famous Mexico: inhabitants who continue in the competition

  • Wendy Guevara, member of Las Perdidas
  • Mariana “Barby” Juárez, boxer
  • Barbara Torres, comedian
  • Emilio Osorio, actor and singer
  • Apio Quijano, member of the Kabah group
  • Poncho de Nigris, former member of Big Brother 2
  • Sergio Mayer, former Garibaldi
  • Nicola Porcella, Peruvian actor
  • Jorge Losa, Spanish actor

The House of Famous Mexico: Who has immunity?

Mariana “Barby” Juarez is the leader of the week, so she automatically has immunity before the nominations gala this Wednesday. In addition, on Thursday night he will have the privilege of saving one of those who are nominated and among his strategy would be to save a teammate from the sky team.

Let’s remember that “Barby” Juárez chose Bárbara Torres to spend the week with her in the leader’s suite and thus keep calm in the house after all the controversy that the Argentine-born comedian has generated.