How to watch Channel 5 live and not miss your favorite shows? Know all the options

Channel 5 began broadcasting from 1952.

SPECIAL/Photo by Wang John on Unsplash

El 5 has become one of the favorite channels for viewers in Mexico due to its wide range of options, which include everything from programs for the little ones in the home to series, action movies and, of course, sports.

Active since 1952, This channel specialized in children and young people is one of the most tuned in today thanks to his cartoons like “Peppa Pig”, “SpongeBob” or “El Chavo Animated”but also to series like “icarly” and, of course, the reality show “VIP Hotel” that is currently broadcast through your signal.

How to watch Channel 5 live? The options are many, so there is no excuse for missing your favorite shows, get to know them!



The most traditional option to watch Channel 5 is to turn on the television: you can find it available on topen television (5.1) or cable (Sky, 1105; Dish, 105; Izzi, 105; Totalplay, 5; Star TV, channel 105).


Although Channel 5 has its own Internet page (, there is no option to watch it livealthough they do have summaries and fragments of your favorite programs available on the site; another option that offers you the same thing is its official YouTube channel.


We have excellent news for you: now it is possible to see Channel 5 through a streaming platform, we are obviously talking about ViX+, application where you can watch this and other channels totally live from your cell phone, tablet or smart TV. To access this exclusive feature, you need to pay for the Premium service, Take advantage of the promotion and get a year of ViX+ for only 499 pesos!