How was the stage of the Red Sharks of Veracruz before their disaffiliation from Liga MX

The team of the Red Sharks of Veracruz during the 2019 Opening Tournament. (Photo: Twitter @ClubTiburones)

The seas of the Veracruz Red Sharks changed from verve to opacity over the course of six years. Although they exalted moments of success in the four times heroic Mexican porthis ephemeral glory vanished among the fluctuations of debts and salary irregularities.

Michoacán, the origin of a reunion

The last span of Shoal in the First Division of Mexico was made possible by the feat of piety. The Reboceros they conquered the silver circuit in the Apertura 2012; they also beat Bulls Nezathe 2013 Clausura champions, to sign their return ticket to the most important league in the country.

The administrative group that remained in charge of said conquest was the one that commanded Fidel “N”From orizabathe so-called birthplace of aztec football. The businessman acquired the Michoacan team in 2011, after Albinegros They will return to the absolute control of the Veracruz government.

This movement allowed the faithful of the Louis StadiumPiratefrom the source forget the bitter pill of disaffiliation suffered during the management of Mohammed Morales. Then, the black and white tones mutated towards the reddish-blue characteristic of the sharksas long as they remained active in the Promotion alloy.

But, facing Opening Tournament 2013, the climb to the top of the Michoacan team suffered a setback due to the regulations of the Mexican League. Since the Juan Nepomuceno Lopez Stadium It only had a capacity of 13,000 spectators, less than the 20,000 spaces in the stands required to participate in Primera, piety he had to look for a new property to dispute his commitments.

The Red Sharks of Veracruz mascot of Veracruz is one of the most loved by the Mexican fans (Photo: Twitter @TubuJarocho)
Tibu Jarocho, one of the most beloved mascots of Liga MX. (Photo: @TibuJarocho/Twitter)

A series of agreements brought about the restructuring of both Mexican tournaments. Like a domino effect, the drop in Queretaro triggered four removals that left reboceros and Tuneros with the worst part of the story.

White Roosters avoided the abyss of relegation when he acquired jaguars; In the end, the Chiapas synod bought saint Louis in order to continue in the first category. Along with these events, the Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF) accepted the transfer request of the squad of piety to veracruz.

For that reason, the Primera “A” franchise that belonged to the Buenos Aires passed to the Alfonso Lastras Ramirez Stadium in the Bajio of Mexico. Thus, the potosinos they stepped down on their project; while the Michoacáns were erased from both contests, although redirected to the second division.

The official reunion of Fidel “N” and veracruz occurred on July 20, 2013. The Red Sharks They re-entered the stellar scene of Aztec football after five years, since that distant April 25, 2008, when they consummated their fourth historic loss against the Pumas of the National University Club.

Fidel Kuri Grajales (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Fidel “N” with his son Fidel Kuri Mustieles. (Photo: Cuartoscuro) (Ilse Huesca /)

From the bottom to two Leagues and a Cup

the basis of piety integrated the new identity of the returnees. Christopher Ortega, icon of Americanism, continued at the helm. Besides Angel Reyna, Goleo Champion of the Clausura 2010 with The Eagles, commanded the attack. This is how they started their participation in the second half of 2013.

Despite the fact that in their debut competition they finished in the position 12 with 20 pointsthe institution opted to cede the position of coach to Juan Antonio Lunaalso a former soccer player America club who served as Ortega’s technical assistant since his intervention in reboceros.

In the next two short tournaments, veracruz it occupied the last places of the classification. Jose Luis Sanchez Solá replaced Luna, but then himself ortega would partially comply with his second term to relieve the Chelis.

However, the definitive rotation was gestated with the arrival of Carlos Reinoso at the closing of the Opening 2014; before that fair Queen departed to Chivasbut during it the Argentine debuted daniel villalva. Keko it came out of River Plate in order to defend the shield of the Mexican team.

Carlos Reinoso, one of the recurring technicians in the last period of Veracruz in First Division.  (Photo: Leo La Valle/EFE)
Carlos Reinoso, one of the recurring technicians in the last period of Veracruz in First Division. (Photo: Leo La Valle/EFE) (LEO LA VALLE/)

He Closing 2015 He smiled differently at the sharks. Teacheranother legend of Coapa, was positioned as the guiding axis of the rojiazul strategy. In said campaign, the club carried out a compendium of contracts that had a direct impact on its modern history.

He signed South American elements that helped him break records and pay the fourth title in their showcases. As the cases of the Argentines Julius Furch, Gabriel Penalba and Rodrigo Noya; as well as that of the Mexican jesus paganonithe Chilean Fernando Meneses and the Uruguayan Juan Albin.

At the end of Matchday 17, he reached 28 pointsjust like the red and black of the Atlasbut it was located as third overall. the shoal only stayed one unit below the leaders tigers and America, respectively. His performances earned him a place in the league.

pitted Queretaro, which finished as sixth, in the Quarterfinals. However, they failed to advance to the next stage. The roosters of Ronaldinho and Camilo Sanvezzo they eliminated them by an aggregate score of 3-4.

In the first leg, those from the east coast of the country fell 1-2 in The corrector. For the return, those led by Victor Manuel Vucetich they agreed to a draw at two; in compromise, the archer Meliton Hernandez failed to receive a free kick from the former player of the Barcelona which led to a goal.

Ronaldinho Gaucho in White Roosters (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Ronaldinho Gaucho in the return match against Veracruz, played at the Luis “Pirata” de la Fuente. (Photo: Cuartoscuro) (Félix Márquez /)

For the Opening 2015, the Red Sharks they repeated the magic and sealed a consecutive ticket to the Big party. They qualified as eighth, after obtaining 27 points in 17 dates. His rival in turn was the painting feline of University City.

In the first leg match of the Quarterfinals, played at home in the subdivision building Reform, they surpassed the super leader by the minimum. In the decisive duel, held in Mexico City, the capitalists won 1-0. Given the equality in the global, the difference in place in the table generated that the representative of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) reached the semifinals.

Although the decline of veracruz became evident again in the league of Closing 2016the pupils of Carlos Reinoso they took over the mx cup of that edition. broke the drought 66 years without winning a championship and of 68 without raising this badge. He April 13, 2016prevailed 4-1 over the Good heavens of the Necaxa in The pirate.

From the top to the underworld

As if it were a roller coaster of emotions, the ghosts of the descent returned to the Buenos Aires team. Its biggest stars left the crew with new goals. Between the Opening 2016 and 2019, eleven technical directors assumed the jarocha boardbut no one managed to redirect the route of his ship.

After his stint with the Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz, Robert Dante Siboldi directed Cruz Azul and Xolos de Tijuana.  (Photo: Francisco Guasco/EFE)
After his stint with the Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz, Robert Dante Siboldi directed Cruz Azul and Xolos de Tijuana. (Photo: Francisco Guasco/EFE) (Francisco Guasco/)

Juan Antonio Luna and Carlos Reinosoalways constant in the scheme, re-entered the scene. Pablo Marini, Jose Saturnino Cardozo, Guillermo Vazquez, Hugo Chavez, Juvenal Olmos, Robert Dante Siboldi, Enrique Meza, Jose Luis Gonzalez Chinese and Enrique Lopez Zarza They were not able to go around the Veracruz ordeal.

In this period veracruz had the passes of four of the 23 selected Peruvians who attended the Russia World Cup 2018: the goalkeepers Pedro Gallese and Carlos Caceda; as well as the defender Christian Ramos and the midfielder Wilder Cartagena. He even debuted the goalkeeper sebastian jury and sheltered the defender’s withdrawal Carlos Salcido.

However, this stage is best remembered on its way due to the bad spell of sport and the administrative opacity that surrounded the club. Between Day 8 of the Opening 2018 and 15 of the Opening 2019, the sharks they didn’t get any wins in 41 matches. In short, they lost the category in the Clausura 2019, but given the non-relegation rule, their leader paid MXN 120 million as sanction.

This amount keeps you tied to process at present, since it was a loan that extended Aztec TV. Fidel “N” was arrested on September 20, 2021 in Mexico City, because of an alleged fraud against the Arrendadora Internacional Azteca SA de CV He is confined in the Santiaguito Penitentiary and Social Reintegration Center.

After the disappearance of the sharks, Sebastián Jurado was transferred to La Máquina del Cruz Azul.  (Photo: Reinhold Matay/USA TODAY Sports)
After the disappearance of the sharks, Sebastián Jurado was transferred to La Máquina del Cruz Azul. (Photo: Reinhold Matay/USA TODAY Sports) (Reinhold Matay/)

During his administration in the Portappealed to the execution of double contracts, fiscal irregularity implemented in order to evade taxes before the Tax Assistance System (SAT); likewise, he used public figures from his team during his political campaigns in orizaba.

It stopped providing full salaries to soccer players, men’s and women’s squads, as well as workers. Certain debts persist until October 2021; athletes like Raymond Fulgencio and Christian The PolishMenendez They have openly expressed that they never received the corresponding payment for their work on the grass.

He December 5, 2019prior to the Clausura 2020, all the categories of the Veracruz Red Sharks were disaffiliated from the powers of the MX League. From that date, he ceased to exist, although he left a mark that will last in the coffers of Mexican soccer and from which he will never be able to make up.


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