How will Madonna’s million-dollar inheritance and musical legacy be shared if she dies?

Madonna is gradually recovering after being hospitalized in an emergency.

Madonna has given strict instructions on how she wants her inheritance and musical legacy to be distributed, after being hospitalized and emergency intubated.

After being found unconscious and rushed to a hospital, where she spent a night intubated, Madonna was discharged and went home to recover, under the care of her children.

Some days ago, The Queen of Pop was caught walking through the streets of New Yorkwhich has left her fans calm and those who look forward to seeing her on her Celebration Tour.

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Madonna, 64 years old, He has left a series of strict rules about his estate, as well as the rights to his music catalog, after being on the brink of death, due to a serious bacterial infection.

a person close to the Queen of pop told the British newspaper Daily Mail that the singer wants their six children: Lourdes (Lola), Rocco, David, Mercy and the twins Estere and Stella, own the rights to his music in equal parts in order to avoid arguments and make the best decisions when he passes away. It would also play a part to his manager, guy osearywho “has accompanied her at all times, through thick and thin.”


It was also revealed that when he dies Madonna He does not want them to use his music to create shows from holograms, because he considers that they have been bad, except for the one of ABBA Voyage.

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“With the exception of Abba Voyage, the use of holograms to bring artists to life has been questionable, to say the least. The hologram tour Whitney Houston she was criticized by the pundits and Madonna refuses to let money-hungry bosses do the same to her. She’s spent her entire life calling the shots and maintaining cultural relevance, and there’s no chance she’s letting all of her hard work tarnish,” the singer’s insider stated.

How much money does Madonna have?

According to the Celebrity Net Worth portal, Madonna has an estimated fortune of 850 million dollars (around 14.5 billion Mexican pesos).