How Xbox Cloud Gaming will work on the Meta, Quest 2 and Pro VR headsets

Game Pass in the Meta Quest. (photo: Oculus Blog)

the services of games of microsoft They are one of the most popular on the market. Xbox CloudGaming Y Xbox GamePass have reached many devices and Microsoft is working to bring them to more devices. And the fact is that the company has already taken a step in that direction and joined forces with Goal to bring your games to the goal quest 2 Y Meta Quest Pro.

This was confirmed by Meta via the Oculus blog. From now on, they commented, all players will be able to enjoy their favorite games on devices compatible with Meta Quest Store. The latter of course includes Meta Quest 2 and the recently announced Meta Quest Pro.

As the CEO of Microsoft announced, Satya Nadella at the Connect conference, the Xbox Cloud Gaming beta is coming soon to the Meta Quest store. But they didn’t offer an estimated date, saying only that they hope to “share a lot more as soon as possible.”

How Xbox Game Gaming titles can be played in Meta Quest

The Redmond-based ones aren’t messing around with their Xbox Game Pass service. The company has made a strong commitment to this market since its inception and although it was not considered very profitable at first, the reality seems to be different.

At the Meta Connect 2022 event, it was learned that Meta Quest 2 devices will be able to enjoy the full Xbox Cloud Gaming experience. The best of all is that it will not be necessary to adapt the playable titles to the virtual reality.

Play Xbox Cloud Pass with Meta Quest 2 and Pro. (Photo: Microsoft Blog)
Play Xbox Cloud Pass with Meta Quest 2 and Pro. (Photo: Microsoft Blog)

In fact, they explain that users will be able to enjoy any game available from Xbox GamePass in the Meta Quest 2 and Pro as if it were a common screen.

Of course, if you want to enjoy the benefits of Xbox CloudGamingyou must first subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The latter costs $15 and provides access to Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform, as well as a long and extensive library of games.

Cloud gaming on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.  (photo: Xbox)
Cloud gaming on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. (photo: Xbox) (XBOX/)

More integrations of Microsoft services with Meta Quest

While gaming is the main part of this announcement, it’s not the only thing Microsoft will be bringing to Meta in the near future. In announcing the partnership, they confirmed that the device will also include other Microsoft services.

of them will have Microsoft Teams, Windows 365 and applications of Office. All of these are also coming to the Meta Quest platform and can be enjoyed on compatible devices.

“Users will have a new way to securely stream the entire Windows experience, including all custom app content settings to their VR headset with the full power of (Windows),” he said. Nadella.

“We’ve been thinking about how to bring the power of Microsoft 365 and Windows 365 to 3D spaces to really help boost productivity and let you create, communicate and collaborate in entirely new ways,” he added.

Meta partners with Microsoft to bring Teams, Windows apps and games to Quest devices.  (photo: Goal)
Meta partners with Microsoft to bring Teams, Windows apps and games to Quest devices. (photo: Goal)

In addition, both companies have plans to make their platforms Horizon Workrooms Y teams are interoperable. This would mean users could use their Meta avatars in Teams with Quest devices and even start Microsoft Teams meetings with Horizon Workroom.

“We believe that this experience between devices and screens will be the basis of the virtual office of the future,” he said. mark zuckerberg during Connect 2022.


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