Huawei explains the idea behind the “Super Device” for its Smart Office at MWC 2022

New technologies advance with great speed and huawei does not want to be left behind, so it took advantage of a key event in the world of technology to explain the concept of Super Device for the Smart Office; a solution to significantly improve connectivity between devices and collaboration between those that are compatible with the brand. This initiative is part of Huawei’s AI Connected Life strategy in five main scenarios such as: health and wellness, easy travel, smart office, entertainment and smart home.

During the Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona, The company shared its vision of creating seamless communication within the Smart Office, to enable a digitally efficient work experience with the synergy of two of Huawei’s core capabilities such as: cross-device collaboration and ecosystem integration.

Smart Office with Super Device

Consumers today take charge of more and more smart devices, and sometimes find it difficult to maintain two different and fragmented ecosystems such as laptops and the smartphones. But a single device does not satisfy all the needs that are required, therefore, Huawei highlights the importance of collaboration between devices to make the connection more fluid and hassle-free.

It is the Super Device, a function available within Huawei PCs with which, through a simple connection interface in the Control Center of the computerquick access to phone images and files is enabled, plus fast display connectivity for presentations, while workflow is focused and efficient for all users.

There are different methods of collaboration, such as pop-up pairing that allows the PC connect to brand headsets, speakers, mouse, Bluetooth keyboard, printer, etc., to enhance the comprehensive way of Smart Office experience

Collaboration with Huawei smartphone

As mentioned, this collaboration will let users access files on the phone as they would on any other external storage device, using a familiar PC file system interface. While the smartphone interface will be displayed on the computer screen, and with Multi-Screen Collaboration, up to three mobile apps can be opened directly on the PC.

Collaboration with MatePad

The tablet will be recognized as an external drive on PC, to transfer and manage files between devices by using the function of drag, drop, copy or paste. There are three connection modes, Mirror Mode, Extended Mode and Collaboration Mode, each one will allow you to manage and help get the most out of your devices at a professional level.

Collaboration with Huawei MateView

With this collaboration, there will be flexibility to connect a Huawei PC to a MateView monitor for a larger screen, plus support for 4K+ resolution and P3 cinema-level color gamut.

Collaboration with Huawei Vision

The Super Device will also allow you to enjoy the projections made in Mirror and Extended Mode, since with the pairing you will be able to go beyond the size of your laptop screen when a larger surface is required, either for more productivity or simply enjoy entertainment with luxurious vision. While in Extended Mode, there will be ease of taking notes in meetings and even organizing a Huawei Vision conference call.

The Super Device feature is just the beginning for Huawei users to go to the next level in technology experience, productivity, and workout pleasure. All this as part of the company’s drive to bring life connected with Artificial Intelligence to reality. With this, they intend to extend the Super Device mode to previous models of Huawei PCs, but in the future it plans to add more compatibility in other devices.