Huge sculpture of a geometric woman appears in a train yard

Artist David Mesguich has installed a massive sculpture of a polygonal woman near a train yard in Nantes, France.

When we think of unexpected installations or graffiti art in general, we often don’t envision something life-size. However, artist David Mesguich uses his graffiti experience and years of creative experience to push the boundaries of his experimental projects.

His piece, Pressure 1.2, features a huge geometric sculpture of a gesturing female figure with one arm raised, which Mesguich built in his studio before abandoning it near a train yard in Nantes, France.

“I wanted to confront my past practice of being a vandal to my work as a contemporary artist while questioning the concept of control of beings and spaces,” Mesguich says of the work.

Perched next to a fence with one arm dangling over the side, pressure 1.2 stands about 4 meters high, or 13 feet. The impressive size of this polygonal sculpture, coupled with the striking angular style of its execution, makes it a very noticeable fixture of the industrial zone.

“It speaks to the balance I have to deal with between my work as a graffiti writer and as a contemporary artist,” he adds.

Interestingly, Pressure 1.2 involves more than just the sculpture of a woman. After installing the statue, Mesguich also painted the word “user” on a freight car parked near the piece.

This aspect lasted only one day until the train finally left its position. But the sculpture remained where it was, trapped within the fence, until a storm damaged it some time later.

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