Hugo Stiglitz is in delicate health; request blood donors

We pray for the health of the first actor, Hugo Stiglitz, 83 years old.

The famous Mexican actor Hugo Stiglitz is hospitalized and is reported to be in poor health.

Sophia Stiglitzdaughter of the film and television actor, used her networks to solicit blood donors for her father, but later deleted the post.

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Without revealing the reasons for his hospitalization, entertainment journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante indicated that stiglitz I would be in poor health.

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“Five months ago I saw him, he arrived with other actors from the old guard. Already at the end of the wake for Andrés García (in April 2023, in Acapulco), it was around seven at night and there I greeted them, Hugo looked good, now he is in delicate health. A big hug, I hope everything is good and fast.

Last appearances of Stiglitz on the screen!

‘The Mongolian plot’in 2018 and ‘A family portrait’in 2022, have been the last productions where the famous actor of the file cinema of our country has participated.