Humanitarian crisis in Haiti: the US and Canada want to form an international aid force

Blinken said that the situation in Haiti is “unsustainable” and that as long as security cannot be guaranteed, there can be no talk of holding elections (REUTERS/Ralph Tedy Erol/File Photo) (RALPH TEDY EROL/)

The United States and Canada are in talks with other countries to form an international force to help alleviate the crisis humanitarian in Haiti, where armed groups block the arrival of aid and fuel to the country, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken revealed on Thursday.

Blinken, who met today in Ottawa with the Canadian Foreign Minister, Melanie Jolytold the media that both the United States and Canada maintain contacts “with a variety of countries to gauge their interest and willingness to participate” in the intervention force.

The Secretary of State explained that a UN resolution is being prepared “that will authorize an international assistance mission, not from the UN, to improve security and allow the flow of desperately needed humanitarian aid in Haiti.”

During their meeting, Blinken and Joly discussed the composition and needs of the international force that would be deployed in Haiti.

Blinken said the situation in Haiti is “untenable” and that as long as security cannot be guaranteed, there can be no talk of holding elections.

The goal of the US and Canada is to support the Haitian National Policewhich so far has been unable to contain the armed gangs that control large areas of Port-au-Prince and other parts of the country, and “break” the links of the criminal groups with “some of the political actors that finance and direct them.”

A person displaced by the violence (REUTERS/Ricardo Arduengo/File Photo)
A person displaced by violence (REUTERS/Ricardo Arduengo/File Photo) (RICARDO ARDUENGO/)

However, neither of those two countries has said it will send troops to Haiti.

Two weeks ago, Washington indicated that it was evaluating with its partners the Haitian government’s request for foreign troops to be sent to deal with the serious crisis the country is experiencing, but that at the moment it had nothing to announce.

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On his first official visit to Canada, Blinken meets with Prime Minister Trudeau and Joly in Ottawa. On Friday he will travel with the Canadian minister to Montreal, where the bulk of the Haitian community resides in the North American country.

On the other hand, the chiefs of the US General Staff, General Mark Milley, and Canada, General Wayne Eyre, spoke by telephone to discuss the situation in Haiti and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Last Friday, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution that imposes sanctions and an arms embargo on the gangs that dominate large areas of Haiti and that block the supply of fuel and other basic products in Port-au-Prince.

Until now, the opposition of Russia and China has prevented the approval of a resolution sponsored by the US and Mexico to send an armed force to Haiti to restore security.

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