Humberto Zurita approves of his children doing the Christian Bach bioseries

Humberto Zurita and his children


After Emiliano Zurita said on the red carpet of the Ariel awards that together with his brother, Sebastián, they are thinking about making the bioseries of their late mother: Christian Bach, the first actor, Humberto Zurita, father of the actors, assured in a meeting with the media that approves the idea, although he is not aware of the project.

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“I would love for them to do it because they have their own production company called Addiction House, I know they are working a lot because right now I am living with Emiliano and I see him in meetings, my children are preparing a series and a movie. And if they are thinking about the bioseries, what a father! How wonderful! His mother was not that type of acting, that’s why there has been a secret around her, she didn’t like tributes, making some things public.“, expressed Humberto during the relaunch of the play Papito Queria, in which he acts with his current partner, Stephanie Salas.

The artist would like to get involved with the story, if his two children allow it.

“I would like to know what idea they have, what they are planning to talk about their mother. I believe that there are no limits, the limits are those that she set and we are respecting them. She was a very dear woman, for example I always upload a photo of myself on Instagram and I get 12 thousand likes on average, but when I post something about her I receive about 130 thousand.”

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When questioned about what will not be seen in the series, Humberto responded:

There was nothing to hideShe was an honest woman, it’s hard for me to talk about her because it’s like disrespecting Stephanie, but she understands it perfectly, I lived with Christian for 36 years, love was my life at that moment, life ends, “Nature is cruel, it takes people without asking your permission.”