Humberto Zurita dedicates a loving poem to Christian Bach three years after his death

The actor shared a loving message on social media to remember Christian Bach, who passed away in February 2019.

On February 26, the third death anniversary of Christian Bach was celebrated. Humberto Zurita, her husband, remembered her with a sad poem, with which he expressed her sadness at feeling her absence.

Humberto Zurita shared on his social networks a poem by Jorge Luis Borges dedicated to his deceased wife, Christian Bach. Like every year, the actor published a photograph of Argentina and dedicated a few words to her on the date of her death.

The poem chosen by the protagonist of Thoroughbred was Absence, with which he expressed his feelings after the last goodbye of who was his partner for more than thirty years. And it is that with Bach he had enjoyed a love story and had his two sons, Emiliano and Sebastián.

“I will have to raise the vast life that even now is your mirror: every morning I will have to rebuild it. Since you walked away, how many places have become vain and meaningless, equal to lights in the day. Afternoons that were a niche of your image, music in which you were always waiting for me, words of that time, I will have to break them with my hands, ”wrote the actor.

It was in 2019 when Bach died, at the age of 59. The family wanted to keep the news to themselves, but after a few days, they made it public. The protagonist of La chacala died in the United States and to date the disease that caused the respiratory arrest that ended her life is unknown, since her children and husband respected her will not to reveal details about what led her to his last days.

The poem that Zurita shared continues with a question in which the author asks what he should do with the absence that a person left him.

“In what hollow will I hide my soul so that it does not see your absence that like a terrible sun, without sunset, shines definitively and mercilessly? Your absence surrounds me like the rope to the throat, the sea to which it sinks, ”she concluded.