Humberto Zurita dedicates loving messages to Christian Bach: “You are in all my dreams”

They have three years after the death of the actress Christian Bachher husband Humberto Zurita He remembers her frequently on his social networks, where he shares from photographs, poems and thoughts of love and absence.

In a photo of him giving her a kiss on the cheek, she wrote: “How I miss you.”

Zurita remembers Christian with love, with that love that they had in life and that still remains, This is how he expressed it in a message in which he expresses that thanks to her he resisted adversity and flourished; he admitted that he is in all of her dreams and that when he thinks of her a smile spreads across her face.

“Christian, three years have passed since your departure and today I have a big smile on my face, I have your love in my eyes, peace in my heart. With you I resisted the storms, with you I flourished and you are in all my dreams; When I close my eyes and imagine you, a big smile is drawn on my face and I remember every moment we live together. It’s incredible that you continue to be life for me! “, she reads.

The actor expressed his desire so that from wherever he is he guides the path of his children; He asked her to continue to illuminate his days, days that are full of love because his memory is.

“Keep lighting up my days, so that every morning, when I wake up, life allows me to take you to my mouth with every breath to learn to say your name full of pride; that my heart spills the love with which you marked my life and that I can share it with every living being on earth. Life without love has no meaning”, he wrote to accompany a photo of when the actress He starred in the telenovela “Bodas de odio”.

Zurita also posted Borges’s poem “Absence”:

“I will have to raise the vast life that even now is your mirror: every morning I will have to rebuild it. Since you walked away, how many places have become vain and meaningless, equal to lights in the day. Afternoons that were a niche of your image, music in which you always waited for me, words of that time, I will have to break them with my hands. In what hollow will I hide my soul so that it does not see your absence that like a terrible sun, without sunset, shines definitively and mercilessly? Your absence surrounds me like the rope to the throat, the sea into which it sinks.

The actress Christian Bach, born in Argentina and based in Mexico, died on February 26, 2019 due to respiratory arrest, she was 59 years old.

“By this means, we want to share with you a very great sorrow for this family, Christian Bach died on February 26 of this year due to respiratory arrest, ”explained the Zurita-Bach family at the time.

The statement reported that “It was always his will to keep personal and family matters in absolute privacy” and they asked that this news be treated with “respect and affection” to “be faithful to his wishes and his behavior always respectful and full of affection.”

Christian Bach was born in 1959 in Buenos Airesgraduated as a lawyer and later moved to Mexico to dedicate himself to acting.

Married to the Mexican actor and producer Humberto Zurita, Bach became a benchmark for Mexican soap operas, in which she used to play villain roles.

He played a supporting role in “The rich also cry” (1979), starred in “Weddings of hate” (1983), “Throughbred” (1985), “La chacala” (1997) and “La patrona” (2013) and produced with her husband “Blue Tequila” (1999), among other projects.

In 2014, she participated in the telenovela “La impostora” with one of her children, also an actor Sebastián Zurita.

Bach won Televisa’s TVyNovelas award for best actress in 1984 and 1989 and Telemundo network’s Tu Mundo award for best actress in 2013.

He also participated in the cinema with a dozen films such as “Brigade in action” (1977), “Gavilán or dove” (1985), “I am free” (1991), “The secret” (2011) and “Desire” (2013 ).