Humberto Zurita revealed the cause of Christian Bach’s death

Four years had to pass before Humberto Zurita finally revealed what illness his wife suffered from: Christian Bach, when she died in February 2019.

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It was during an interview with Annette Cuburu for her YouTube channel that the actor opened his heart and spoke of the subject as rarely.

Although it had initially been said in the media that Christian suffered from sclerosis, Zurita said that cancer was the disease that took away the great love of his lifebut that she never wanted them to pity her, in addition, she asked that they respect her privacy.

Humberto Zurita clarifies Christian Bach's health condition

“It was always his will to keep personal and family matters in absolute privacy in order to lead a normal life parallel to our profession and media exposure,” was part of the statement that the Zurita family shared with the public. on March 1, 2019 when they confirmed the death of the beloved actress who had a successful career on Televisa.

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For Humberto, staying as far away from rumors has always been his priority. “I don’t like to make a show of my lifenor that of my children, nor of anyone, but more than anything it is a respect for my wife and out of respect for her, with all due respect I tell you that we do keep this topic, “said the artist to Cuburu in the conversation.