‘I am Betty, the Ugly’, the records of the most successful soap opera in the world

“I am Betty, the ugly one” is the most successful soap opera in history, and its numbers support it.


In 2010, “I am Betty the Ugly one”, the original Colombian telenovela written by Fernando Gaitán and broadcast by the RCN channel, entered the 2010 edition of the Guinness Records book with the title of “The most successful soap opera in history.”

The appointment did not come as a surprise, as with broadcasts in more than 180 countries, dubbing into 25 languages ​​and at least 28 adaptations around the world, it was to be expected that the charismatic story would enter the Guinness book.

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Even today, in the world of streaming, “I am Betty, the ugly one” pIt remained unbeatable in the Top 10 of Netflix popularity; after leaving its catalog and entering Amazon Prime Video, the telenovela tops the lists of the most viewed on the platformsurpassing original content and even awarded films from Hollywood.

Eye! This is just one of several incredible records that broke the story of “Beatriz Pinzón” and that turned it into a unique telenovela, Do you want to know more figures that are difficult to repeat? Here we list a few.


  • LUXURY PREMIERE IN CHINA. In the eastern country, the premiere chapter of “I am Betty, the ugly” was viewed by… 73 million people!
  • THE CHAPTER WITH THE MOST IMPACT. The expected first kiss between “armando mendoza” and “Beatriz Pinzón” literally paralyzed seven million people, who watched this episode simultaneously.
  • RECORD AUDIENCE. On June 20, 2000, the chapter that reached the incredible number of 54.7 rating points… It even surpassed the matches that Colombia played to enter the 2002 World Cup!
  • MARATHON DAYS. nothing would have been possible without the passion of the creative mind behind “I am Betty, the ugly one”: Fernando Gaitánwho dedicated until 18 hours of his day to write the scripts of the soap operagoing so far as to show the actors the final scripts shortly before recording began.
  • THE MOST SEARCHED CHAPTER OF “UGLY BETTY”. The figures do not lie: The most sought after and spoiled chapter of the fans of “I am Betty, the ugly one” it’s 251. In it, “Betty”, still in Cartagena, begins with her transformation, both physical and mental, marking a before and after in the beloved character, who undergoes a change of life. looks radical that left everyone speechless. The phrase “Let’s highlight your beauty” It is one of the most celebrated on the Internet.