“I am no longer the same Ingrid Coronado”

Ingrid Coronado he thought that three months away from television would be enough to heal his emotional wounds. But no. It took three years for the controversies that haunted her personal life to be left behind: her marriage and divorce with Fernando del Solar, the rumors of her enmity with other actresses and the harassment she experienced in her intimate and family life.

What emerged from those three years in retirement? She herself answers: “I am a new Ingrid Coronado. I know it sounds cliché but I really think that during these three years I reinvented myself, learned to recognize my strengths and built a new version of myself that I like much more than the previous Ingrid “.

This renewed Ingrid hosts the contest program ‘Todos a baile’, which began this week and in which, she assures, her new skin can be noticed.

“This version of me I like better than the previous one. Now I have returned to enjoying my work on television. It was worth it”.

Is this transformation the product of reading the book that you usually recommend, “Despertar”, by Fernando Broca?

Fernando Broca is an author that I deeply admire. Some phrases from his book helped me to do this internal work in which I realized many things. For example, that time is running out, that we will not live forever and that it is necessary to stop sometimes.

How much do the comments on social networks affect you now, where criticism of the program is usually very harsh?

It strikes me that in many places they said that it was bad for us. I assure you that I personally reviewed the comments on social networks, it is something that I do not do much but now I was interested in knowing what people thought of my work. And I found two negative comments. I swear, two negatives. And all the others were positive.

What do you do with that percentage of critical comments?

I was obviously nervous about going back to TV but after reading those comments, I’d rather stick with 99.9 of the positives. Because, furthermore, the negatives weren’t constructive criticism.