“I don’t care”: Checo Pérez spoke about the fight for the Formula 1 runner-up

“I don’t care”: Checo Pérez spoke about the fight for the Formula 1 runner-up (Photo: REUTERS/Jennifer Lorenzini) (JENNIFER LORENZINI/)

The 2022 season of Formula 1 is about to face its final stretch and except for a real catastrophe, Max Verstappen will be champion for the second time in a row and will give Red Bull his sixth Drivers’ World Championship, so the great expectation now lies in the runner-up.

charles leclerc marches in second position with 219 points, followed by Czech Perez with 210 units, George Russellwho is fourth with 203 points, and finally Carlos Sainz with 187 points, so in the last six races the tight fight for runner-up will be defined, something that would be historic for Mexico in case i got it Sergio.

Despite this incentive, in the last interview provided by the 32-year-old driver, he made it clear that it is not an issue that matters too much to him, because right now he is looking to resume his best version, settle back into the car and return with everything. the drive for the championship in 2023.

Sergio Checo Pérez in his celebration for winning the 2022 Monaco GP (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool)
Checo Pérez had his highest moment of the season at the Monaco GP, where he took victory over Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool)

“It is important to finish strong, to return to the victories… the championship is practically a fact that Max will win it and being second or third doesn’t matter to menow I want to return to a competitive level and win races to close 2022 strong and in 2023 start strong and try again, “said the Mexican in conversation with Inter.mxwhere he was interviewed by John Fossaroli Y Diego Mejia.

According to the man from Guadalajara, it is crucial to return to the comfort he had at the beginning of the season with his car, as he assured that it left his hands with the latest updates and he is working hard to be able to finish at the top of the grid.

“In recent races, as the car has evolved, it has been moving away from me. Maybe I haven’t adapted so well to the new car, but it is something that is in me and that I am working very hard to return“, he claimed Sergio Perezwho took the opportunity to clarify that he is not making any kind of excuse.

Checo Pérez on the configuration of the car: “It is not an excuse”

The Mexican put special emphasis on ensuring that he is working to adapt to the car and prevent it from slipping away Max Verstappen in the lap times, as he explained that it has been complicated because the whole weekend is looking for answers.

“In the last grands prix I spend the weekend adapting or trying to adapt to the new car and that has complicated things a little more (…) I am not putting any kind of excuse, on the contrary, I am working more than ever and anyone who knows me knows perfectly well that I’m going to turn this around, as I have every time things get tough. I’m sure I’m going to close the year strong, “he said about it.

Similarly, Czech did not hide his dream to conquer the Mexican Grand Prixwhich is scheduled for next October 30, the date on which he will try to improve the result he obtained in 2021 when he got on the podium in third place.

Checo Pérez made history at the 2021 Mexican GP, ​​as he became the first Mexican to stand on the podium within his country (Photo: REUTERS/Francisco Guasco)
Checo Pérez made history at the 2021 Mexican GP, ​​as he became the first Mexican to stand on the podium within his country (Photo: REUTERS/Francisco Guasco) (FRANCISCO GUASCO/)

“My priority is to arrive at a very good moment in my season. I dream of winning the Mexican Grand Prix. Hopefully we all do very well in these two races to get to America strong “

In this way, Pérez explained how he has lived these last few weeks in the Formula 1, especially about the problems in the single-seater that took him away from the championship; however, far from showing pessimism, he excited his fans with a much more solid and consistent 2023.

It should be remembered that Czech Perez still have a contract with Red Bull and will continue under Austrian orders until the 2024 season, so he still has two guaranteed chances to be world champion.


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