“I don’t know, Rick”: Eugenio Derbez finally explains his accident but people do NOT believe him

Through a statement, at the end of August it was reported that Eugenio Derbez had an accident that “left him with delicate injuries” for which he underwent surgery after breaking his shoulder. In the midst of his recovery, several versions have emerged and the actor finally, almost 20 days later, faced the situation.

In a video that Alessandra helped him make, he shared: “My son (Vadhir) told me to play a virtual reality game, I put on the headset and I was in a multi-story building. I was standing on a small board, I tripped with something and at the time I take a step out of that little board. What I saw in the game did not coincide with what was in my environment, I moved my feet and went to find some steps; hit my elbow first, pushing the bone causing it to break. In the hospitals they told me that many people arrive injured by these games”.

He recalled the pain: “”I said to go to the hospital quickly, I started screaming because I couldn’t stand it and they decided to anesthetize me. The doctor told me that they couldn’t operate on me because I had suffered 5 large fractures and 10 small ones.”

The crash version.

Before Eugenio spoke, the version emerged and spread on social networks that it had not really been an accident with the virtual reality viewer, but that Derbez would have participated in a car accident where a person would have died.

Nevertheless, Javier Ceriano, In his program Gossip No Like, he reported: “It seems that the day Eugenio was injured, a white Tesla had an accident, so it was thought that Eugenio was involved in the accident and they don’t want to say it, because there was a dead person… That was never verified, in Los Angeles we did not find anything, what happens is that those driving the white Tesla did not appear from that accident, very similar to one that Eugenio had. So there was speculation of a somewhat murky accident, but we cannot verify it, we had that line of investigation, but there is nothing concrete and these things happen because Eugenio doesn’t speak”.

But people don’t believe him.

In the comments section of the video shared by Shanik Berman, who replicated Derbez’s video, it can be seen that the public does not believe Eugenio’s version 100%.

They hid information from José Eduardo

In interview with Adele Michael, José Eduardo Derbez told how little he knew about it, which ended up being the same thing that the public knows. Before his answers, even the journalist told him: “(You say) ‘According to me’, but he’s your dad, dude!”

They are all very mysterious, Ale, Vadhir, even the girl, they don’t want to share the family secrets with me. The first thing they sent was ‘My dad in the hospital’, but that was just dropped. I asked them and I don’t remember who put ‘ask I don’t know who’, others ‘ask privately I don’t know who’, so I started asking separately to see if anyone, and no one answered. Vadhir answered me in much the same way… ‘yes, he fell, you know how he is’. Is seriously”.

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