“I had everything planned”: the details of the femicide of Delfina Pan, the young Argentine murdered in Miami Beach

Delfina Pan was 28 years old

Despite the fact that the authorities of the city of Miami Beach continue without even confirming the homicide – since the case is open under investigation – new details of the crime of Delfina Pan, a 28-year-old Argentine who was fatally attacked Monday afternoon at her Miami Beach apartment and who died minutes later after being transferred by the police to the hospital Jackson Memorial.

The police are still hermetic, but the forensic doctor released the homicide report in which he confirms that Dolphin He died at 7.05 in the afternoon in the hospital as a result of the stab wounds he received in the neck.

We are tired of being said that it is not known who the murderer is. We know it, it’s AM (Infobae will not publish the full name of the young man until the authorities do not identify him publicly). He was obsessed with her”Says another young Argentinean resident of Miami Beach, a work colleague and friend of Delfina, who prefers to keep her name reserved, tells us before our microphone.

Delfina Pan case
Friends and coworkers of Delfina Pan gathered at a mass to remember the victim of femicide in Miami Beach (Infobae)
Delfina Pan case
Forensic report of the murder of Delfina Pan

As reported by this friend of the victim, as well as other sources consulted by Infobae, The alleged aggressor is 21 years old, he is Argentine, a native of Bella Vista, and he worked as a bartender in the same restaurant located on Lincoln Road where Delfina worked as a receptionist and waitress.

Sources of Infobae They confirmed that on the fateful Monday in which Delfina was murdered, the young woman worked in the restaurant until 4 in the afternoon and then went to her apartment north of Miami Beach to finish packing her things because in a few days she planned to move.

Mass for Delfina Pan, a young Argentine assassinated in Miami Beach (Infobae)
Mass for Delfina Pan, a young Argentine assassinated in Miami Beach (Infobae)

The alleged aggressor, identified both by Delfina’s relatives in Miami and by her friends in Buenos Aires through social networks, was at the restaurant working, but at a certain moment he left the place without even giving notice.

He left everything closed on the bar. He left all the chats he was in. And then what happened happened. I had everything planned, ”added Delfina’s friend in front of the San Patricio church in Miami Beach, where the Argentine priest Roberto Cid officiated the mass in honor of the victim.

The mass was pure pain. Many young people crying over the absurd loss of Delfina. His brother Nahuel, who arrived in Miami today, thanked everyone present from the podium.

Delfina Pan case

According to Delfina’s colleagues at the restaurant, they are all friends, they know each other, they go out together. But AM was never part of the group. They define him as a strange person who had unusual reactions like refusing to train new employees when asked by your boss.

About three months ago AM declared his love for Delfina. Then came the obsession, the calls at all hours, the constant messages, even a violent incident in a car. According to her friend, Delfina treated him cordially for fear of what this boy might do to him.

Mass for Delfina Pan, a young Argentine assassinated in Miami Beach (Infobae)
Family and friends arrive at the religious ceremony (Infobae)

Delfina’s friend reported that The young woman had reported to the authorities the harassment of the alleged murdererbut did not elaborate on whether it was the police or superiors at the shared workplace.

What I know is that in this country there will be justice”, He said to Infobae another of Delfina’s friends in Miami, who also wants to remain anonymous.

The attacker attacked Delfina with a knife and then injured himself. Currently remains hospitalized at Jackson Memorial in police custody. Authorities have not updated the cover of the case as a homicide because it is still under investigation. But once an arrest is made official, the murderer faces the possibility of a long sentence that, according to the laws in the United States, he must serve here before being deported to Argentina.

According to information on social networks, AM had worked in the past as a flight attendant and since February of this year he was in charge of the bar of a restaurant on Lincoln Rd. It is unknown if he had family or friends in Miami.


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