“I had to dedicate myself to selling water filters”: Lorena de la Garza

When the savings ran out Lorena de la Garza he realized that he had to reinvent himself. “I learned to diversify, I learned that when there is a complicated situation, human beings have to go beyond our limits because there is always a way to get ahead,” says the actress.

The popular interpreter of Nacaranda In ‘La hora pico’ she says that the closing of theaters and television programs forced her to open a new front to earn money.

Those of us who gained from this performance had a difficult situation and I had to dedicate myself to selling water filters, I sold face masks, I sold treatments to grow eyelashes.

Lorena de la Garza currently participates in the program ‘Dr. Cándido Pérez ‘, from Las Estrellas, in which he plays the character of Claudia, and next week he will premiere the play’ Toc Toc ‘. These projects have allowed him a respite.

“It is a gift not only in the economic part because this is what we dedicate ourselves to, being back in the theater is enjoyed with an exceptional value”.

The actress says that even in the middle of that sales season, she never lost faith.

“I knew that at some point this was going to have an expiration date. And the truth is that I came out perfectly financially ”.