“I haven’t tasted a drop of alcohol or a gram of madness for 10 years”: Carmen Campuzano

Carmen Campuzano will participate this Saturday in the gay march as a DJ in the show that will take place in the Zócalo of Mexico City.

“The LGBT community has been very important since my beginnings, I love and support them and every year that we add something new for that equality in their rights makes me very happy.”

The model remembers that this relationship became even stronger when she decided to start working as a DJ.

“The warmth with which they receive me where they stopped me is impressive. I remember that my first presentation as a DJ was in a very famous room that is by the Normal subway. It is called Caribe and a famous dredger came from the United States but people shouted ‘ dj Campu, dj Campu’ with great emotion. And you won’t believe it, people stayed outside because they couldn’t get in anymore, I swear I cried with emotion”.

Since then, the community and Campuzano have established a bond that grows stronger every year, since the model is a constant guest at the Pride March.

“I understand that they are going to crown me,” he says.

For this presentation in the Zócalo of Mexico City, Carmen Campuzano will wear a dress by Zeus de la Vega, a designer who has just opened his dress shop.

For Carmen, participating in the Marcha bandstand is one more step in her constant evolution, to which she has now added a title as an international speaker.

“I just graduated as a lecturer, endorsed by a Spanish university. I have always given my lectures but now I can do it internationally”.

In this way, Campuzano celebrates 10 years of sobriety, after having lived through an addiction crisis that had her at the limit of her strength several times.

“I have greatly enriched my person, I have grown a lot and I have worked a lot with my heart, my being and my thoughts to accommodate things, beliefs and guilt and situations that I carried. And I have 10 years without tasting a drop of alcohol or a gram of madness, nothing at all,” he says proudly.

Carmen Campuzano now presumes that her life has changed radically since 2012, when her life was so eventful that she was about to die.

“I lead a very healthy life and have made up for many lost moments with my children. I have my thanatology patients and I have a specialization in suicide prevention.”