“I hear voices and see things”: Sabrina Sabrok returns and assures that she suffers from schizophrenia

Sabrina sabrok She currently resides in Texas, United States, but continues as a porn actress and returns to her career as a singer, with the launch of a song that is autobiographical.

‘Schizophrenia’ is the name of her new song, but that is also the name of the mental illness that she claims to have presented since she was a child, although she has never wanted to medicate.

“I have a disease that is schizophrenia, I hear voices and I see things, I cope with it and I am in control, but it is something that is always there, so I wanted to talk about this in the song that I just released on digital platforms, “Sabrina Sabrok said.

The former model of ‘The rush hour’ assures: “Schizophrenia is a mental illness that I have had since I was a child and I have never wanted to take medication, I prefer to be crazy like that. The rules are not for me, I do not care what they say, I do what want and have invented many things about me that have nothing to do with who I am, quite the opposite, I don’t like to drink, I don’t like to party “.

The Argentine, who at some point founded a satanic legion to sell pacts with the devil, now says: “I feel sorry for the people who have misrepresented me. Everything is a lie, they are people who live deceived by the media, so they leave Because of the fake news, they actually get a totally different idea of ​​me, but hey, it’s part of my character, on the one hand I see it convenient that they see me as a crazy madman, because it has brought me many benefits too, like hiring me to parties, events and others. It’s part of a Sabrina Sabrok character that I created and it has nothing to do with who I really am. “

Sabrina assures that she has been admitted to psychiatric hospitals a couple of times, and that she no longer wants to live as a “slave to drugs.”

The song ‘Schizophrenia’ is produced by Robby Joiner and the singer’s husband, Alexandro Hernández; It was recorded in Houston, Texas, in collaboration with Yung Yogi.

The blonde has known how to monetize her social networks and has lived on them for more than 3 years: “It is very profitable, I spend all day glued to social networks and platforms, I live on OnlyFans and payment platforms, and I really live very well. Stop doing events, I also have greetings pages, where I charge for sending birthday greetings to a fan, or chat pages. I live on the internet and I spend more than 20 hours working a day, “says Sabrina .