“I learned not to victimize myself!”: Mariluz Bermúdez battles Lyme


Six years ago, doctors told Mariluz Bermúdez that she had lupus, then that it was fibromyalgia, and then that it was arthritis. Finally, and after so many studies, they concluded that it was Lyme disease, a bacterial infection that is spread through the bite of one of several types of ticks.

Today, a long time after that first encounter with this condition, the actress reveals that she is in a moment of plenitude that allows her to enjoy her life, embracing every process that comes her way.

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“I am conscious of giving myself a lot of love, it is a moment in which I feel happy with what I have, grateful for waking up being able to enjoy another day, in addition, Mexico has been such a beautiful country to me, it has given me so many wonderful things, that I value everything I have built“, the Costa Rican tells us, admitting that everything is under control with her health.

“I’m doing very well, many of the things that affect me are emotional, so for two and a half years I have been attending psychoanalysis therapy, and other different therapies that have helped me a lot to understand my life and give me that self-love that I so much love.” people speak. Then I have understood where that love has to come from, which is in taking care of yourself, in eating well, doing exercises, taking care of what you think, what you say.”

However, the protagonist of soap operas such as Las Amazonas, assures that at times she has become desperate, but then she regains calm.

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“Yes, there are times when I feel tired from having a bad day, but positive thoughts have helped me heal, I also continue with natural treatments, herbs, so I am very well and I am getting better every day.”

Like any incurable disease, Lyme also causes crises that you must know how to identify to avoid falling into hypochondria. “I had a relapse in April due to a situation with my father who had heart surgery and the emotions affected me, that is, everything detonated in that aspect, so I had to be aware of that and see how I could work on it because I have no control over it.” “That is that in the end, God is the one who takes care of the life of my father or my family, always knowing that there are things that escape my hands and that, precisely, gave me a lot of peace.”

Periodically, Mariluz undergoes a series of tests to control her condition, the same as other stars such as Thalía and Justin Bieber.

“Obviously it is a slightly difficult disease, but right now I went back to do tests to see how we are doing, I am waiting for the results, but I feel very good, I have also learned not to victimize myself, to not allow people to feel sorry for them, so that they don’t give it so much importance and don’t treat me with pity, that’s why it’s so important to repeat myself every day that I’m here; It has worked a lot for me, I like to talk nice to myself and say nice things to myself all the time.”

At 37 years old, the performer feels perfect, returning to work and beginning to create a new character on the small screen.. “I look good and as long as you look like that, the rest doesn’t matter. “I eat well, I exercise, I go to therapy, I take care of every area of ​​my life.”