“I live with only one kidney”: Chiky Bombom arrived in Mexico with 40 kilos less and talked about everything

PHOTO: OCTAVIO LAZCANO. The popular influencer who was catapulted into social networks with her iconic phrase “Good, good”, visited Mexico for the first time and made it clear that, indeed, Chiky BomBom He has “the personality”.

Now, turned into a television star thanks to her participation in programs that have been very successful on the screen, she shows off a new figure, arousing all kinds of compliments like the ones she received during her time on a red carpet in which she was accompanied by other figures such as Kate del Castillo and Guy Ecker.

“I have lost 40 kilos, and now I enjoy the best version of me, distilling the guasacaca (a kind of guacamole) that I carry inside, but what motivated me to make this change is my health, I look spectacular physically, although my health It is the most important thing, I live with only one kidney, I had to donate one to my dad and I come from a family with many medical complications, I was diagnosed with thyroid problems, so I understand that health is everything, we cannot neglect it, I scream and I preach on social networks that I feel rich, I feel tasty, but that is also about taking care of your body, which in the end is your temple”, says the also presenter to TVyNovelas.


Wearing a yellow dress that highlights her cinnamon skin, the Dominican, based in New York, assures that by 2023 she will have a schedule full of work, but she prefers not to dwell on details to avoid negative energy stopping her plans.

“We have new music, series projects on platforms, but I can’t say it because there are people with bad vibes, the thing knocks me out, it’s that they light candles and everything.” After having a gastric sleeve, the curves that were formed in her anatomy open more doors for her in the entertainment industry, however, seeing her scantily clad or naked on a popular subscription service is not contemplated for the artist, who responds like this: “On OnlyFans? Not even dead! I can’t do that because my mom hangs me on a rope, she’s very strict. I would tell the girls that there is no need for that, that they get to know each other, that they discover their potential, it is that there are other wonderful and spectacular things to do to achieve what they want, I have done everything and look where I am”.


And although at first glance, Chiky BomBom seems to be always happy, the reality is different. “I am not always happy, I am an ordinary person, but I work on my happiness, I work on joy and the secret is to ask God to block all the evils that can attack you. One piece of advice that I can give to women who are going through difficult times is to learn to fight without strength, sometimes it happens to me, sometimes I feel down, but in those episodes is when wonderful things are achieved, no one is going to come to you. door and tell you to get up, it is your responsibility and you must do it”. SHer biggest drive and inspiration is her 12-year-old son Cartier, but she admits she also sets goals for herself.

“I will not forget and I will always recognize what I have gone through, because I even planned my death and that of my son, and going through many tragic things, today I am here, that means that from bad things you will always to get something positive. People may think that you are not going through anything bad, but currently I am going through a very strong process and even so I am not going to lower it, I am fighting at a bad time, because when God sends you blessings, the enemy, Satan wants to get in the way, but you can’t let them win. It is normal to want to throw in the towel, it is normal to have difficult moments. Right now I am breaking many chains that I have been dragging from my childhood, I am raising my son in a different way, I am raising what would be the dream for any woman, a gentleman, and that has to do with a lot of discipline and a strong hand, because I am drastic, I think sometimes it happened to me”.


His first viral phrase was: “Life tastes like fruits to me.” From there, the digital platforms changed her life and have been a blessing, “it is my direct means of communication with real people.” But it was, without a doubt, the “good, good”, which marked a before and after her career in the media. She had already been on the Univisión reality show, ¡Mira quien baila!, but the followers stood out and made her a star of the new era, being signed by other channels that integrated her into programs such as Top chef VIP, in which she made the best friend of Lambda Garcia.

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