“I love her and period”: Humberto Zurita admits once and for all his romance with Stephanie Salas

After seeing them together on trips and at the airport, and that she did not want to admit anything, Humberto Zurita finally confirmed that he loves Stephanie Salas.

The actor answered once and for all that Sylvia Pasquel is his mother-in-law in an interview on the program ‘Todo para la mujer’, where Maxine Woodside was direct with the actor and reminded him that in Argentina he did say that he is having a great time with Stephanie Salas, but in Mexico “you didn’t want to answer the press… Why?”

“Yes, I answered them and I stayed for a long time, they approached me, and what I told them… You ask me what is happening with Stephanie Salas, the only thing I am going to tell you is… I love her, period. Okay? Clever. The rest, you there write what you want, put what you want.

“I told the boys that I don’t invite someone I don’t know to my house, I don’t think you do either… My premiere (of their projects) is more important to me than talking about personal things that don’t interest me.” talk, that’s all, and among those who asked me, you as a journalist know how to ask, one of the girls told me that, she said ‘hey, but I saw it’, and I said ‘why not Did you approach me at that time?’, (he replied) ‘because you came with her’; I told him ‘I don’t know if you speculate, but if you saw me, why didn’t you approach me?, you grabbed the spot, you took it to On the other hand, well you missed that news, no way,'” said the actor.

Maxine Woodside insisted on telling him that in Argentina he did respond, but the actor reiterated:

“I already answered you better, look Maxine, there are many journalists who approach you, and I didn’t know which one was yours, so I apologize if I make you feel bad for believing that I give someone an exclusive or not. You’ve known me my whole life, I don’t even think about exclusives, you’ve known me my whole life, I don’t give exclusives, nor is my life handled that way, so for me it’s nicer to talk about this, than we’re talking (work).”

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