“I owe nothing to anyone”, Melissa Galindo responds to Kalimba

Melissa Galindo assures that she does not owe anything to anyone, after she was accused by Kalimba’s lawyers

Melissa Galindo again breaks the silence to launch once again against Kalimba, this after the singer’s lawyers announced through various media outlets that they have already prepared a lawsuit against him, for a debt of approximately 1 million pesos.

Although he first said he was not aware of the lawsuit and the accusations against him, he did say that he did not expect this response from the OV7 member, since his desire was only to raise his voice instead of creating controversy.

«I have not been seeing anything, I have been very isolated, I did not expect that response, the truth… it was not as the intention, it was literally to raise my voice and prevent more people from continuing to pass them, I did what I had to do and raised the voice” he explained.

On the other hand, Galindo stressed that she already feels much safer when talking about the alleged abuse she suffered next to Kalimba. “Yes, it is scary and whatever, but when you do the right thing you have inner peace, I am not going to see myself as the victim, I am not going to revictimize myself, I am not going to tell details because it is annoying,” she highlighted. .