“I revived.” This is how Lucila Mariscal looks (and feels) on her return to television

“It was four months locked up and unable to move,” says Lucila Mariscal.

That period kept the legendary actress in permanent sadness, who also had to undergo two surgeries after having suffered a fall that put her at risk of never walking again.

It was a very painful period, especially emotionally for Lucila Mariscal. “I did not want to live, I lost the desire to do things, I felt that my life was over.”

Lucila Mariscal became a comedy legend thanks to her character as Doña Lencha, but she has also had important roles in film and theater.

Now he has finally found a way to overcome the sadness that caused that dark moment in his life.

“I was invited to participate in the program ‘As the saying goes’. For me it was like reliving, like coming back to life; that is what it represents at this moment. Feeling that I am going back to work is an emotion that I cannot describe… I have relived “.

In the chapter in which she participates, Lucila Mariscal plays Magda, a grandmother whom her grandson adores.

The story is about Leo, a boy, fatherless, who lives with his mother, Patricia, his grandmother, Magda, and his brother, Lupe. One day, his mother, who constantly physically and verbally mistreats him, steals Magda’s savings, and this situation makes the latter feel bad and in the end she loses her life in the hospital.

Interested in the money from the inheritance that her grandmother left to Leo, Patricia will discover the hard way that, As the saying goes: whoever does bad, well don’t wait.

“It’s a heartwarming story that I thoroughly enjoyed with this lovable character having a loving relationship with her little grandson.”

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