“I still feel that Vicente is going to return”: Cuquita Abarca tells us about the idol

At the death of Vicente Fernandez (December 12, 2021), his widow, Cuquita Abarca, set out to preserve the memory of the Charro de Huentitán. For this reason, on the occasion of the Day of the Dead celebrations, she ordered a monumental offering to be assembled around the tomb of the idol, and opened the doors of the Los 3 Potrillos ranch, in Jalisco, so that it could be visited by whoever wanted.

We attended, and there Alejandro Fernández’s mother spoke for the first time about various topics, including Don Chente’s infidelities; She remains firm in the position that, from the gates to the interior of the ranch, Chente was her husband.


How do you cope with the absence of Don Vicente Fernández? I don’t feel absent; I feel like he’s here, at the ranch, working and that he’s going to come back. But I know he’s not here, and I’m not crying because I know he’s gone. And as I always said: “He was my husband from the gates of the ranch to here”, although they criticize me.

What do you think of those criticisms? I am not interested; I was not going to walk behind him, taking care of a gentleman. Yes, he was very him and he knew where I was, what place I had. He so knew that he never left; if he had wanted, he leaves. Who stops the men? Nobody, right? He always did what he wanted, and very well done. Even if you criticize me, I’m still in the same position.

You have been in charge of maintaining your legacy and opening the doors of the ranch so that we don’t forget it… Of course it is, it’s still the same! People keep passing by, they keep coming right now (for Day of the Dead) and I’m going to let them in until nightfall. This altar belongs to his family for him and for his audience.

Tell us about the connection you had with him… It is love, there can be nothing else. If he had wanted, she would have left at the time he wanted, who was going to stop him? And neither was I going to. What stopped him? Love. And to date; here is his grave in his house, on the ranch.

Would you ever think of sharing your memories with the public? No, no, no, no, no, no, no; I don’t, not at all! Before, you didn’t like to give interviews, and since Don Vicente is no longer here, you always attend to the media. What was the reason for this change? To which I owe them respect; I can’t be stupid, but rather thank you for the love that you have for me or that I may have for you and all of Vicente’s audience.

Did your husband have an alcohol problem? He didn’t drink; although they have always believed him a drunk, he was not. That he sometimes went overboard in the palenques, well, I’m not saying no. He wasn’t a saint either, but not drunk. I never saw him taken here at the ranch. Yes, he would sometimes tell me: “Have a beer to see if you gain weight”, but I don’t like it.

Is the Fernández family more united than ever? Of course! I don’t know why they say we’re fighting. Right now Alejandro is working; Vicente is in Los Angeles, and Gerardo, since he is a charro, is in a congress and they even made it to the finals. So we weren’t fighting. I don’t know why people gossip so much; we have never fought.

What is the secret so that people love them so much? It will be the good will that we have with everyone, because we have never been a rude family nor have we run anyone; everyone can enter the ranch, and they enter and leave with the respect that is due, as far as they can enter and that’s it.

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